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Welcome To


The Mary P. Dolciani Mathematics Learning Center


Hunter East, 7th Fl Library

Telephone: (212)772-5371


The Dolciani Center is currently physically closed, but is operating as a virtual center by offering online tutoring and support.

NOTE: On Monday, September 28th, the Center is closed. So we are not offering tutoring. Also, classes follow a Monday schedule on Tuesday, September 29th, so Dolciani will do the same. Have a great weekend!

Have questions?...

You can email us for general information or inquiries at at the following times:

September 2nd- September 30th:

Monday, Thursday
11am - 6pm
11am - 9pm
12pm - 5pm
11am - 5pm



Need some help preparing for your Fall classes?

Learning Math In an Online Environment

We've put together a presentation to assist students having trouble learning online. You can view the presentation in the Study Skills section.


Fall Services

We're offering online tutoring in the Fall. To find out when it's available and see our schedule for the Fall, visit here or click on the "Tutoring" tab in the left navigation bar.



Students in MATH 100, 101, 102, 125, 150, 155, STAT 113, STAT 213 already have access to our PLATO computer tutorials.  Go to, and put in account name hcdml.  For your name put your EMPL ID # and for password type password.  Then scroll down to see what is available for your course.  If your course is not listed above, we will need to register you individually.  Please send your name, course and empl to to get registered.


Math in Everyday Life Presentations

For some people, when we say math, they will cringe and some will say that they don't see the connection of math in their lives. But when we stop and think, math can be seen in so many things - from the geometry of street signs to the caloric values of the food that we eat, to the architecture of the buildings that we see every day. These presentations will give you some additional examples of the appearance of math in our everyday lives

You can view the presentations here.


Math in Other Subjects Presentations

Many of us know how to do routine exercises in mathematics, but when it comes to doing math in other subjects, sometimes we stumble. These presentations will help you see the connections between mathematics and other subjects. After each presentation, work out the problems and check your answers.

You can view the presentations here.


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