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Chinese Studies


Welcome to the Chinese Division of the Department of Classical and Oriental Studies

The Chinese Division of Hunter College is the only B.A. program in Chinese Language and Literature at the City University of New York. Established in 1967 as a division of the Department of Classical and Oriental Studies, the program offers a comprehensive program in Chinese (Mandarin) language and literature and in Chinese culture and literature in English translation. The Chinese Division currently has about 100 majors and about 500 students are enrolled in our courses every semester. Many of our graduates have gone on to earn higher degrees in education, business, law, international relations, and Chinese language, literature and history.

Courses in the Chinese language are offered at the elementary (100), intermediate (200), and advanced (300) levels. Courses in Chinese literature are offered at the 300 and 400 levels. Students who wish to enter the language program beyond the first term of the elementary level must consult the Chinese Division for placement. Courses taught in Chinese literature in English translation are designed for students who have no knowledge of the Chinese language. The division also provides two semesters of Chinese culture taught in English. These English translation courses have no Chinese language prerequisites and are open to all students.

Chinese language courses may be used to fulfill the foreign language requirement (Category III). Literature courses in Chinese as well as in English translation may be used to fulfill the literature requirement (Category IV, Part 2). The requirement for humanities and the arts (Category V, Group 3) may be fulfilled by the Chinese culture courses.

In September 2008, the Chinese Division inaugurated its M.A. in Adolescent Education Chinese (Grades 7-12). This program is sponsored by the Department of Classical and Oriental Studies, School of Arts and Sciences, and the School of Education. The purpose of this program is to provide training and guidance for qualified students who are interested in teaching Chinese as a foreign language in the public school system in the greater New York area in order to satisfy the need for the ever increasing demand for certified teachers who are capable of offering quality language instruction in New York public schools.

Beginning in January 2011, the division became the ninth undergraduate Chinese Flagship Center, a four-year intensive program enabling students to complete two majors in four years (one in Chinese and one in a non-language major); attend Chinese language and culture immersion programs, receive scholarships for study abroad, and have other academic choices.

The M.A. in Translation and Interpreting program will begin in the fall 2020 semester. It will provide a theoretical grounding in translation and interpreting studies and hands on language-specific training in translation, localization, and oral interpretation skills between Chinese and English.

The Chinese Division is committed to the development of internet-based scholarship as a supplement to classroom instruction.

Director: Der-lin Chao
Office: HW1401
Telephone: (212) 772-4965

Language Placement

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