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Hunter College is the only school within the CUNY system that offers courses in Polish language, literature and culture. Polish courses taught in the Division of Russian and Slavic Studies are open to all interested students who wish to study the language, fulfill the Foreign Language Requirement, Hunter Focus in Polish or take Polish courses as electives. The Polish Program at Hunter is sponsored in part by The Kosciuszko Foundation, an American Center for Polish Culture, and is coordinated at Hunter by Prof. Malgorzata Pospiech (

Hunter Focus in Polish Language. The goal of the foreign language competency requirement is to help students attain cross-cultural knowledge and communicate in a language other than English.

Students are required to complete up to 12 credits in a foreign language depending upon the student’s language knowledge at the time of matriculation and a student’s matriculation status. Students may apply only one course at each level (Elementary levels 1 and 2, Intermediate levels 3 and 4) toward the CUNY College Option.

Students who have taken 4 years of the same language are exempt from the Hunter Focus in Foreign Language. They instead use the Hunter Focus to make progress toward a minor, second major, or certificate. In the case of the Polish Language, the Hunter Focus can be used toward the RECE (Russian and East Central European) major concentration in the Russian and Slavic Studies program.

This concentration within the Russian program draws on a variety of disciplines in combination with courses from the Division of Russian and Slavic Studies. Requirements for RECE include Russian or Slavic language proficiency or a pre- or corequisite of 6 credits in Russian or Slavic language at the 20200 (intermediate) level or above and 18 credits distributed as follows: Russian or East Central European history (3 cr.); RECE area political science (3 cr.); Russian or East Central European literature, culture or arts (3 cr.); and three additional 200- or 300-level courses chosen from two of the following categories: anthropology, economics, geography, history, political science and literature, culture or arts. Students should select courses in consultation with their RECE adviser. In addition to their 18-to 24-credit concentration, students are strongly urged to choose 12 minor credits from disciplines related to RECE.


Language Requirement

In order to fulfill the Foreign Language Requirement students need to take the full sequence of Polish language courses:

  • POL 101 and 102
  • POL 201 and 202


Elementary Polish I and II

  • POL 101 3hrs, 3cr. (Fall Semester)
  • POL 102 3hrs, 3cr. (Spring Semester)

This is a course for absolute beginners. The overall goal of the course is to provide a comprehensive introduction to the Polish language, and to develop basic grammatical and communicative skills. In addition to class sessions, students spend a minimum of 1 hour per week at the Hunter Language Lab working with video programs, which gives more opportunity to study the language within the context of everyday Polish life and to expand listening comprehension, vocabulary and oral skills.


Intermediate Polish I and II

  • POL 201 (Prereq: POL102) 3hrs 3cr (Fall Semester)
  • POL 202 (Prereq: POL 201) 3hrs 3cr (Spring Semester)

Continuation of Elementary Polish. The course offers further development of grammatical and communicative skills, as well as standard idiom, in the broader context of Polish culture and everyday life. In addition to class sessions, students complete video homework assignments at the Hunter Language Lab in order to expand listening and oral skills as well as vocabulary.


Advanced Polish I and II (pending, Fall of 2023)

  • POL 301 (Prereq: POL 202) 3hrs 3cr (Fall Semester)
  • POL 302 (Prereq: POL 301) 3hrs 3cr (Spring Semester)

Continuation of Intermediate Polish. Students will master Polish grammar in its application to writing, listening comprehension and oral expression. Students will broaden their knowledge of Polish language and its use in active communication. A study of Polish culture is offered through readings, films, and media.


New Polish Minor (pending, Fall of 2023)

The minor in Polish will offer students the opportunity to further develop Polish language proficiency, explore Polish classical and modern literature, and delve into Polish culture and history.  Graduates of the Polish minor will have attained advanced language proficiency and cultural knowledge that will prepare them for careers in the global workforce.



The Minor in Polish consists of no fewer than 12 credits in Advanced Polish language and courses in Polish Literature. Six of the twelve credits must be in POL 30100 and POL 30200. Students who get exempt from one or both of these courses through proficiency testing or by permission of the head of the program must achieve 12 credits above POL 20200 through other courses. 



Complete ALL of the following Courses:

  • POL 30100-Advanced Polish I
  • POL 30200-Advanced Polish II
  • POL 25000 Topics in Polish Literature
  • POL 30000 Independent Study in Polish Language and Literature

Total credits required: 12


Courses in Polish Literature and Culture

The Polish Program offers a variety of courses on selected topics in Polish literature and culture on the 250 and 260 levels. See the Course Schedule for current offerings under Polish.

Summer Program at Jagiellonian University in Krakow

In addition to Polish courses offered at Hunter, students can register through Hunter's Education Abroad Program for a Summer Program at Jagiellonian University in Krakow.

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