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Taiwan Huayu Best Program

Study Abroad in Taiwan

Taiwan Huayu Bilingual Exchanges of Selected Talent (BEST) Program Scholarship funding for study of Mandarin Chinese at Wenzao Ursuline University of Languages.

What is the Taiwan Huayu BEST Program?


  • Encourage cooperation between universities in Taiwan and universities in the USA
  • Promote Chinese language education in the USA


  • Universities in Taiwan will send Chinese language teachers & teaching assistants to universities in the USA
  • Taiwan Huayu BEST Scholarships available to encourage students to learn Chinese in Taiwan.
  • Promote teaching and learning resources – including online courses, the TOCFL Chinese language proficiency tests, and teacher training workshops.
  • Establish Chinese language centers in universities in the USA.

Hunter College and Wenzao Ursuline University of Languages established the partnership in 2021.


Hunter students who have completed at least CHIN 102 at Hunter College. Students also need to have a valid U.S. passport.


  • Students pay tuition to the host institution (Wenzao) only, and the tuition will be covered by the Huayu scholarship fully.
  • Students will receive a monthly stipend of approximately $500 per month that can be used to cover housing and some living expenses.

Estimated Cost of Attendance for 3 months (equal to one semester at WZU):

Item Costs
Tuition and fees (will be covered by the scholarship) $1,000.00
Learning materials $100.00
Lodging (students will rent off-campus housing for 3 months) $2,000.00
Round-trip Airfare $2,000.00
Visa Application Fee $200.00
CUNY Student Travel Insurance $186.75
Estimated Additional Expenses (Local Transportation, Food/Meals/Incidentals, Mobile Phone) $1,250.00
Total $6,736.75

Courses and Credits

Students will take 15 hours of classes each week. Credits earned will be counted toward student’s Chinese Major. Students may earn up to 12 study abroad credits per semester. Students do NOT pay Hunter tuition while abroad. Paid English teaching opportunities might also be available for students to apply.

Program Dates

WENZAO Chinese Language Center

Spring Term: 03/13/2023 – 05/26/2023

Summer Term: 06/12/2023 – 08/25/2023 (special arrangements can be made for Hunter students to finish a couple of days earlier)

Contact Information

If you are interested, schedule a one-on-one meeting with the Hunter Chinese Program today: NAVIGATE