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Internship in Russian and Slavic Studies (Russ-498.001-006) offers Hunter students re-professional unpaid work experience in the field of Russian and Slavic Studies.

Internships in Russian and Slavic Studies provide the students with practical preparation for professional opportunities after graduation. Internships related to translation fulfill one of the requirements for the major concentration in Russian translation. Internships can also be applied toward the fulfillment of requirements for the major concentration in Russian language and the major concentration in Russian language and culture.

Students who enroll in the course can work in corporations, government agencies and non-profit organizations. In addition to gaining work-related skills, students develop contacts for future employment and acquire job-related experience. No more than 6 credits can be taken. 3 credits counts toward Russian major or minor. Pre-requisites for the course are: Russian 202 or an equivalent, or by permission of the head of the program and Eng-120.

A semester long internship is based on the schedule provided by the internship site supervisor in accordance with the number of credits that the student will receive for the internship. The internship can range from one to six credits. Students are required to accomplish 40 hours of work per semester for one credit. A three-credit course thus will require the student enrolled to accomplish 120 hours of work per semester.

Students are asked to provide periodic updates/blogs on their internship to the faculty member assigned to the course. The final review paper is required to fulfill the course requirements. The final review paper must demonstrate the results of the practical work accomplished during the internship and can range from an analytical paper, the evidence of practical translation/interpreting experience, or a description of various other activities related to the internship.

The grade for the course is based on the regular reports, final review paper, and on the final assessment provided by the internship site supervisor.

You must be enrolled in an internship in the same semester that you register for it. Internship credits cannot be given for an internship done in the past. For permission to register for RUSS 498, please contact Prof. Nadya Peterson


Internship Organizations

For internships within the translation major and for the list of internship organizations where students have interned in the past, as well as organizations who have contacted the Russian and Slavic Studies seeking interns, please contact Prof. Nadya Peterson at

We also encourage students to seek internships in organizations independently.


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