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Student Recognition 2023-2024

Student Recognition 2023-2024

Students who are registered with the Pre-Law Program, who come for at least one advising session per year, and attend no less than two (2) events per year that are sponsored by the Program are considered "Active" in the program, and may in good faith list themselves as participants in the Pre-Law Program on their resumes under campus activity.
Good Standing
To be considered in "Good Standing" with the program, Pre-Law Program participants are required to attend sessions with the President's guests for the Lunch with Lawyer program in the President's conference room, and Distinguished Speaker Events in the Kaye Playhouse, unless otherwise excused.
Preference for students in good standing and those who (even if new to the program) demonstrate commitment through attendance at the featured events noted above, may be applied for special opportunities offered by the program.

Special Commendation
Students who are in good standing and attend five or more events during the academic year -- in addition to/aside from LSAT and admissions-related sessions offered -- are recognized by the Pre-Law Program for their commitment to career exploration, and engagement with the members of the legal community who support our efforts, keeping Hunter vibrant.
The following individuals qualified for Special Commendation during the 2023-24 academic year:
Highest Honors
  • Adeyinka Ajakaiye * Highest honors
  • Stephanie Chernyavsky * Highest honors
  • Colleen Denmon * Highest honors
  • Melissa Dorvil * Highest honors
  • JK Rajjo * Highest honors
  • Andrey Starovoytov * Highest honors
  • Sara Abu Touq * Distinction
  • Sara Algahmi * Distinction
  • Christopher Arzu * Distinction
  • Mariam Ayyad * Distinction
  • Justin Brito * Distinction
  • Chloe Burke * Distinction
  • Giulia Cascio Rizzo * Distinction
  • Jenny Chulee * Distinction
  • Mariela Cruz * Distinction
  • Alex Dasent * Distinction
  • Christopher Guzman * Distinction
  • Amanjyot Kaur * Distinction
  • Melanie Lujan * Distinction
  • Syeda Rahman * Distinction
  • Tyler Rodgers * Distinction
  • Lily Shahein * Distinction
  • Anvitha Tammisetti * Distinction
  • Keisi Tupi * Distinction
  • Valerie Verloka * Distinction
Special Commendation
  • Haithem Abdelhamid
  • Hannah Amar
  • Chinara Amaukwu 
  • Grigory Chernozatonskiy
  • Samantha Chlafer
  • Fratchelya Ciputra
  • Emma DeGroff
  • Louckenson Dorestil
  • Jared Feldman
  • Anna Gizanis
  • Christopher Gonzalez Bonilla
  • Frances Hamed
  • Scarlett Ireland
  • Shua Jeong
  • Sarah Joyce Koch
  • Dymin Lester 
  • Andrew Loka 
  • Peri Micheva
  • Cassandra Momplaisir
  • Hailey Ortiz
  • Nethya Samarakkodige
  • Ariana Segarra
  • Isabella Shalumov 
  • Brianna Shepherd 
  • Celeste Taveras
  • George Tom 
  • Charlotte Walsh
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