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Program Overview

The Growing Importance of Mandarin Chinese

Combining intensive language instruction and cultural immersion, The Language Flagship is a leader in educating U.S. undergraduate students in languages critical to U.S. National Security. Capstone students are outstanding American undergraduates, from 13 universities across the U.S., who excel in Mandarin, and who are often double majoring in Chinese and in another academic domain.

Having completed the rigorous domestic training with a variety of courses, programs, and extracurricular activities to ensure students gain exceptional proficiency in Mandarin Chinese, the Capstone Year is the final component in attaining superior professional fluency in Chinese.

Located in Taipei, Taiwan

This year-long Capstone Program in Taipei, Taiwan at National Chengchi University offers unparalleled and unique opportunities for Capstone students to immerse themselves in academic and professional environments. The Capstone Year in Taipei helps students become impressive global professionals.