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Japanese Studies



Welcome to the Japanese Program
of the Department of Classical and Oriental Studies

The Japanese Program was established in 1986. Our program offers two minors - Japanese Language and Japanese Studies - and a variety of courses that introduce the language and culture of Japan and give opportunities for even closer acquaintance with the country for the students.

Students can major in Japanese through the CUNY BA Program by earning credits in various Japanese classes at multiple CUNY colleges in addition to taking courses at Hunter College.

The Japanese language courses offered by the program include: Beginning (JPN 101, 102), Intermediate (JPN 201, 202), Advanced (JPN 301, 302), Japanese Reading: Recitation and Comprehension (JPN 271), and Advanced Japanese Conversation (JPN 240).

In addition to the language courses, the program offers the following courses related to Japanese culture: Japanese Culture I (JPN 251), and Japanese Modern Literature (JPN 261.40) are taught in the fall. Japanese Culture II (JPN 252), The World of Manga and Anime (JPN 251.50), and Introduction to Chado - Tea Ceremony (261.30) are taught in the spring. The culture courses are taught in English.

To better support students taking the language courses, the program provides tutoring services five hours per week. To complement the academic opportunities, the program also hosts various cultural events and activities internally and connects students with external events to promote development of the Japanese language and relevant cultural knowledge.

For further information contact:
Professor Maayan Barkan
Hunter West 1321 (212) 772-5064


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