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Undergraduate Advising - Summer 2017

Undergraduate Program Coordinator, Eric Schweitzer, will hold walk-in advising pursuant to the schedule below.  No appointment is necessary during these times.

He will be handling all topics, running the gamut from course and credit evaluation and general academic advising through registration and degree audit requirements.  His co-ordinates are:

Email -
Phone - (212) 772-4349
Office - Hunter North 1000-E

Day Time
June 14 3:00p-6:00p
June 28 3:00p-6:00p
July 5 3:00p-6:00p
August 9 3:00p-6:00p
August 16 3:00p-6:00p
August 18 3:00p-6:00p
August 23 3:00p-6:00p
August 24 3:00p-6:00p
August 28 4:00p-6:30p
August 30 4:00p-6:30p