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Undergraduate Academic Advising - Fall 2018

Discipline specific academic advising will be available to students (CS Majors, CS Minors and students interested in CS as a possible Major or Minor) in Spring 2018.

Undergraduate Program Coordinator, Eric Schweitzer, will hold CS-specific academic advising specializing all academic matters concerning in non-majors and nascent CS-Majors and Minors.

He will accept general academic advising appointments which must be booked through this website 
His co-ordinates are:  
Email -
Phone - (212) 772-4349
Office - Hunter North 1000-E


Mr. Justin Tojeira will hold specialized advising for DECLARED CSCI Majors who have completed or are currently registered for CSCI 23500.

His schedule of availability and appointment reservations are to be confirmed through his ACUITY website:
His co-ordinates are:
Phone:  212-396-6613
Office:  Hunter North 1009