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Undergraduate Researchers at Hunter's Computer Science Department

  • Undergraduate Researchers

The Department's research opportunities offer students the chance to personally contribute to the collective knowledge and culture of the field.

Contributing to the Field & the Department

Undergraduates often have the opportunity to participate in faculty research.

Research with Professor Epstein

The following students are working intensively with Professor Susan Epstein under the auspices of The National Science Foundation, and making important contributions to a system that learns to have an intelligent dialogue.

• Victor Cabrera
• Tereza Shterenberg

Professor Epstein is now seeking a few additional undergraduate researchers. If you are a strong student, have completed 135, and want to spend at least a year learning about artificial intelligence, please contact her or drop by during her office hours. Some funding may be available. Interested parties are invited to contact Professor Epstein at the coordinates listed on her home page above.

Research with Professor Ioannis Stamos

Professor Ioannis Stamos’ National Science Foundation funded project in the realm of "3D modeling of urban scenes via a combination of 3D-laser and 2D-image sensing" is assisted greatly by the following researchers.

• Andriy Goltsev


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