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Course Planning

How do I plan my curriculum?

There are many options for completing your degree in computer science, depending on your interests and previous background. What courses you can actually take will be affected primarily by what courses you may have already taken and by what courses are being offered in a given semester, both within your major and across departments. In any case, remember the importance of completing prerequisites first!

Here are some sample tracks shown below can be used as a guide in planning your curriculum.

Suggested Course Sequences

For first year students, entering with precalculus credit, consult the college advising office's suggested Computer Science Degree Map.

Interested in Machine Learning or Artificial Intelligence?

The computer science department has expanded offerings in AI and machine learning for upper division students. The courses range from introductory data science to core courses in machine learning and artificial intelligence to senior-level special topics courses in natural language processing and deep learning. The courses build on the foundations of coding proficiency and facility with statistical methods, linear algebra (also called matrix algebra), and calculus. For the more advanced courses, as well as AI/ML internships and research opportunities, Calculus III is often a necessity, even though it is not required for the computer science major. To be ready for the courses and competitive for local and national opportunities, the following course plans are suggested for the first two years of undergraduate study. Every prospective major is strongly encouraged to take math AND programming every semester right away.

The guidelines below include summer study between first and second years. Apply early for summer funding for Hunter College courses.