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Computer Science Resources and Downloads


In planning for professional opportunities both during and after their undergraduate course of study, all students of the department should take advantage of the Hunter CS Majors Handbook. This web resource — authored by the Programs Manager of Hunter's Cooperman Center, Elise Harris — is a comprehensive guide to planning your professional path as a CS major. Among other invaluable functions, the Handbook will help you understand: how to take advantage of pre-professional resources offered by the College; how to conduct yourself academically in order to distinguish yourself and build strong pre-professional relationships; and how to prepare for and seek internships and jobs. It is broken out into categories based on how far along you are in your major course of study and your preparation to join the workforce. The webpage also provides links for signing up to a newsletter and event calendar that are geared towards internship-seekers. If you are a CS major and have any serious interest in becoming employed in the sector  or in pursuing other competitive paths, like graduate school  you should absolutely consult the Handbook. 

Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)

Become a part of the main technical society for computer scientists - access the ACM Student Membership application.

IEEE Computer Society

Become a part of the largest technical community, enhance your knowledge, and grow your career by joining the IEEE Computer Society.