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Credit by Exam

The Computer Science Department allows students to "test-out" of CSCI 127, CSCI 135 and/or CSCI 150.  If you can pass the "Test-out Exam" with a grade of 80% or better, we will award you course credit (listed on your transcript as "Credit by Exam") and permit you to take more advanced computer science courses as if you had successfully completed the course itself. Read on to learn the department test-out policy and the subject areas for each of the tests.
Note: Per department policy, if you have attempted these courses (even in cases of W/WU), you MAY NOT take the test-out exams.

Test-out dates have been finalized for the Summer 2024 sessions. THESE EXAMS WILL BE IN-PERSON. The first test-out session will be on Wednesday and Thursday, 10 and 11 July 2024. The second test-out session will be on Tuesday and Wednesday, 20 and 21 August 2024! Please ensure you are able to come in-person to the Hunter Main Campus to take your test-out exam. Testout registration is now OPEN. Please register for the test-out exams here: SU24 CSCI Test-Out Exam Registration.

The Computer Science department offers three test-out periods a year: mid-January, mid-July, and mid-August. There will generally be two days of testings offered consecutively, with exams taking place somewhere between 11:00 am to 2:00 pm each day. Here is the currently-projected schedule for test-outs this summer:

Class Date/Time
127 07/10 at 11:00 am
127 07/11 at 11:00 am
127 8/20 at 11:00 am
127 8/21 at 11:00 am
135 07/10 at 11:00 am
135 07/11 at 11:00 am
135 8/20 at 11:00 am
135 8/21 at 11:00 am
150 07/10 at 11:00 am
150 08/20 at 11:00 am

Please fill out the google form to register for your test-out exam. Your registration through the form is due by 2 days prior to your chosen exam date. Both exam periods can provide you with Credit by Exam for the fall/spring semesters, although you may wish to take advantage of the earlier dates in order to ensure a smooth course enrollment process for the fall. It's best to get out ahead of things like this!

Department "Test-out Policy" -- know what you're getting into.  Download here

CSCI 127 - Test-out Topics (syllabus here): CSCI 12700 is a written examination, 2 hours in duration. ONE page of notes (letter-sized) is allowed.

CSCI 135 - Test-out Topics (download here): CSCI 13500 is a written examination, 2 hours in duration. ONE page of notes (letter-sized) allowed. Sample questions for the 135 Test-out exam

CSCI 150 - Test-out topics (download here): CSCI 15000 is a written examination, 3 hours in duration. No notes allowed.

Familiarize yourself with Hunter College's Policy on Academic Integrity:

This test-out is a means for you to gauge your ability level. If you don't feel confident after taking it, it is perfectly fine to take the course.