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Course Repeat Request

Hello Hunter College students! Since this page is the third link that shows up when you search for retaking a course at Hunter College, please note: THIS IS ONLY VALID FOR CSCI COURSES. If you wish to retake a course, please contact the appropriate department.

To repeat a course you have a D or higher in, please fill out this form: Course Repeat Form. If you received a "D" in ANY attempt, you WILL need to fill out this form: ex: "D" in SP21 in 335, "F" in 335 in FA21.

If you received an "F" in a course, DO NOT fill out that form (only exception stated above). Please register for the course through CUNYfirst. If there are pre-req issues with your course repeat because of a F/W grade, please look here: Registration Override Request

If you are trying to repeat a couse with a lab/recitation component, please fill in the open lab/recitation section you want to be in, not the main lecture. You can put in the main lecture for the previously attempted course.

Please note that the registrar has to manually add the course to your schedule so it may take 3-5 business days. Please keep checking your schedule to make sure it is added.

For point of contact, please use either Ko Naing ( or your CSCI advisor (check here to find your CSCI advisor: