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Registration Override Request

Dear Hunter student, this is only applicable to CSCI courses. Once again, this form is only applicable to CSCI courses! No, I can't process your requests for English, Psychology, or even Math. Now that that's out of the way, please look at the next step!

Just like writing code, you will need to TRY to "run the program" first when registering for courses. First, add the courses you want and try to enroll. If there are issues, try "debugging" them, so to speak. Look at the error message generated and try to figure out what you need to do. If that doesn't help, then continue with the instructions below.

**NOTE** The online section of Web Dev is NOT accepting overtally requests at this moment **NOTE**

Please follow these steps for Summer/Fall 2024 registration override requests for requisite issues. This is NOT the form to fill out if you want to repeat a course. You can find the relavent course information here:
1. Contact the appropriate faculty member who is teaching the course for an override request. Faculty emails are listed under the "People" tab. If there is no faculty member listed, please email
2. After you have permission from the appropriate faculty member, fill out THIS FORM and attach the proof of permission from the appropriate faculty member (example: faculty member's email response saying yes. Please print the email with all the headers included as PDF and attach it to the form). You are computer science students so this should be easy enough. DO NOT SUBMIT THIS FORM WITHOUT ATTACHING PROOF OF PERMISSION(S), except:
--if there is no faculty member listed
--if you retook a pre-req and CUNYfirst does not recognize it (please attach a screenshot of the new grade/registration on your unofficial transcript as proof)
--if you are taking classes at Hunter on an ePermit
--if you are waiting to take a math placement exam

If you have not received an update 3 days after submitting the form, please email Ko at with your inquiry.

If you have exceeded the unit limit for the semester (trying to register for more than 17 credits), please contact your HUNTER (not CSCI) academic advisor and they will be able to fix it for you. You can find their information on Hunter Navigate:

If you want to RETAKE a course for a better grade (D or higher ONLY, F/NC should be able to re-register), please fill out this form (Course Repeat Form)
Please fill out the LAB/RECITATION section of the course you want to be enrolled in. The registrar cannot read your mind and won't know which lab or recitation section to enroll you in otherwise.
If you are currently enrolled in the course you want to retake next semester, there is nothing the department can do about it. Either drop the course or wait for the end of the semester.

If you are having registration issues not related to class requisities, please send an email to Ko at and include the following:
Full name, EMPLID, class and section you want to register for, and a brief explaination of the issue.
Again, if you have not received notification 3 days after submitting the form, please send an email again.