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For Hunter College Computer Science Students

The Department of Computer Science curriculum engages students in rigorous exploration of ideas and theory that are shaping the future of the information age.

The Tools to Help You Succeed

This growing archive is a result of our ongoing efforts to gather the tools and information Hunter's students require to successfully complete their Computer Science education and prepare for thier careers in technology or continuing study. Those considering applying to Hunter's Computer Science program will find useful information here, too, and hopefully gain a sense of Hunter's collaborative CS experience. Learn more...

Just the FAQs, Ma'am

We've found that the most commonly asked questions from current and prospective Computer Science students require answers with a bit more complexity than those offered on most college FAQs, so we've put together the How To Major in Computer Science section of our site to address your concerns. Get the FAQs...

But, just suppose you want to Minor in CSFind info about the new curriculum for CS minors.