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The 2017-2018 Committee Letter application cycle is now officially closed.

Rather than sending all of the separate recommendation letters in a student's file, applicants who qualify will receive one Committee Letter. The Committee Letter is a composite letter that incorporates all of the information in a student's file, and its narrative includes quotations from evaluations and letters of recommendation as well as impressions derived from the personal statement and an interview. At the discretion of the Pre-Health Committee, particularly strong and descriptive letters of recommendation may also be appended to the Committee letter in entirety.


Basic Requirements for a Committee Letter:


To Qualify for a Committee Letter you are required to:

         • Have an active Pre-Health file for at least 1 academic year (your file MUST be open by the first semester of your second year).

         • Be an active Pre-Health student (visit a Pre-Health advisor at least once per semester).

         • You must have been attending Pre-Health events regularly (3 events per semester) while enrolled at Hunter.

         • You must have at least a 3.3 BCPM (Bio, Chem, Phys, Math) GPA and cumulative GPA.

         • Must have completed (or in the process of completing) at least 38 credits of Math and Science (30 credits for transfer students)

         • You are required to have a total of 7-8 evaluative documents (3 letters of recommendation and 4-5 evaluations).

         • You are required to provide a Hunter science faculty recommendation letter, and another from your clinical experience supervisor/doctor you’ve shadowed. For MD PhD students, you must also have submitted on your behalf a recommendation letter from a research PI.

         • You must submit a letter of good academic standing from all institutions that you have attended (this includes if you’ve taken classes on e-Permit, or if you went to another college for one semester).


For more detailed information, you can download the Committee Letter PDF.


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