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Transfer Students

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Step 1: To apply to the Pre-Health Program, you must complete the requirements below:

  • Attend the Pre-Health New Transfer Student Orientation.
  • Attend the Pre-Health Professions Advising Pathway (PPAP) seminars. As transfer students, you are required to attend the PPAP 1000: Building Your Pre-Health Credentials Portfolio seminar series, which assists you in being a strong candidate for the health professions.
  • The PPAP 1000 seminars are offered each fall and spring Semester on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 2:20 to 3:50 pm. You must attend ALL seminars in the PPAP 1000 series to open your Pre-Health File (See STEP 2 below).
  • Here is a list of the PPAP 1000 seminars:
    • Pre-Health Planning 101
    • STEM Study Skills for Pre-Health Students
    • Resume Writing 101 for Pre-Health Students
    • Networking 101 for Pre-Health Students
    • Professionalism 101 for Pre-Health Students
    • Stress Management for Pre-Health Students
    • Time Management for Pre-Health Students
    • Clinical Exposure 101 for Pre-Health Students
    • Community Service Volunteering for Pre-Health Students
    • How to Pursue Research Opportunities for Pre-Health Students
    • Effective Communication for Pre-Health Students
    • Interviewing 101 for Pre-Health Students
    • Mentoring 101 for Pre-Health Students
    • Overcoming Procrastination for Pre-Health Students
    • Prestigious Scholarships 101 for Pre-Health Students
    • Study Abroad 101 for Pre-Health Students
    • How to Remember What You Learned
    • Building Resilience 101 for Pre-Health Students: Skills for Personal
      and Academic Success
    • Quantitative Analysis and Reasoning Skills for Pre-Health Students
    • Letters of Recommendation: Everything You Need to Know
    • Everything You Need to Know about Being a Pre-Health Student
  • Click here to Register for Upcoming PPAP 1000 seminars.
  • You are responsible for keeping a record of the names of all PPAP 1000 seminars you attended and the dates you attended them. You will not receive attendance credit for seminars attended without this record.
  • After attending the last PPAP 1000 seminar—Everything You Need to Know about Being a Pre-Health Student—you will receive a Pre-Health Contract and a Pre-Health Program Application.
  • Promptly submit your Pre-Health Contract.
  • Promptly submit your Pre-Health Program Application using your Pre-Health ID Number.
  • NOTE: Submit your Pre-Health Program Application as soon as possible. Failure to do so will result in your Pre-Health ID Number expiring.

Number Scale #1

Step 2: To open your Pre-Health File, complete the requirements below:

  • Complete a minimum of 9 science credits at Hunter (e-Permit courses are not considered)
  • Attain a minimum 3.3 GPA cumulative and BCP (Biology, Chemistry, Physics)
  • NOTE: Aim to complete all PPAP seminars by the end of your third semester at Hunter College
  • Complete and submit the Pre-Health File Checklist and make an appointment with Jean Suh by submitting a Pre-Health File Review Meeting Request.

Number Scale #2

STEP 1 AND STEP 2 must be completed as soon as possible. Hunter seniors cannot open a Pre-Health File in order to receive a Committee Letter.

The Pre-Health File must be opened while you are a current Pre-Health student at Hunter College. Hunter Alumni cannot open a Pre-Health File.

Please visit the Pre-Health Timeline for more information on expected milestones in the Pre-Health Program.

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