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Applying to the Pre-Health Program

WHY SHOULD I JOIN THE PRE-HEALTH PROGRAM AT HUNTER? The Pre-Health Office at Hunter College provides a structured and robust program of student advising, skills development, access to programs and resources, application planning and review, and guided student support throughout your time at Hunter College as you prepare to apply to health professions graduate schools. The students who work closely with our office have a high rate of acceptance to health professions graduate programs, a rate that is well above the national average. Our office also provides a repository for you to store your letters of recommendation and instructor evaluations. Pre-Health Transfer Students who choose not to join the Pre-Health Program are typically at a disadvantage as they navigate the application process without the support and guidance provided by our office. 

As a Transfer Student to Hunter College, how do I become a part of the Pre-Health Program? 

In short, becoming a part of the Pre-Health Program is a multi-step process.
You must (1) attend the professional development workshops listed below, (2) submit an Application to apply for a Pre-Health file after taking the main workshop: Everything You Need to Know to Be a Pre-Health Student, (3) sign a Pre-Health Contract, (4) complete 9 credits in chemistry, biology, or physics at Hunter College, (4) attain a minimum science GPA of 3.3 and cumulative GPA of 3.3, and (5) officially open your Pre-Health file by making an appointment with Robert (Bobby) Hieger, Information Technology Specialist Assistant of the Pre-Health Advising Office.

PRE-HEALTH DEVELOPMENT WORKSHOPS: You will need to attend the following Pre-Health Portfolio Development workshops in no particular order. The workshops can be completed either before or after submitting your Pre-Health Program Application:

  • STEM Study Skills for Pre-Health Students
  • Resume Writing for the Pre-Health Student
  • The Art of Networking for Pre-Health Students
  • Professionalism 101 for Pre-Health Students
  • Stress Management for Pre-Health Students
  • Time Management for Pre-Health Students
  • Clinical Volunteering 101 for Pre-Health Students
  • Community Service Volunteering for Pre-Health Students
  • How to Pursue Research Opportunities for Pre-Health Students
  • Effective Communication for Pre-Health Students
  • Interview 101 for Pre-Health Student

You can register to attend the workshops by checking the Pre-Med List Serv for emails indicating dates and times. Click on the registration link contained in the email.

These workshops are designed to assist you in developing the attributes and qualities of a strong applicant to health professional graduate schools. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS TO WORKSHOP ATTENDANCE. You are responsible for keeping your own record of the workshops that you have attended.


MAIN WORKSHOP: In order to obtain a Pre-Health Program Contract and Pre-Health Program Application, you must attend the EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT BEING A PRE-HEALTH STUDENT workshop. This workshop is offered every December, January, May, and June.

Following attendance at this workshop, you will receive an email from our office with a link to the HUNTER COLLEGE PRE-HEALTH PROFESSIONS ADVISING STUDENT CONTRACT.

Within 15 days of receiving the student contract, you will receive an email that contains your unique PRE-HEALTH ID and a link to the PRE-HEALTH PROGRAM APPLICATION.

PLEASE SUBMIT THE PRE-HEALTH PROGRAM APPLICATION as soon as possible after receiving the ID as it will expire, which means that you will need to attend this Main Workshop again. Check to make sure that you have received an email that your application has been submitted.

PLEASE SUBMIT THE PRE-HEALTH PROFESSIONS ADVISING STUDENT CONTRACT: Please read and sign the contract that sets forth your responsibilities as a student in the Pre-Health Program.

SCIENCE CREDITS: If you have completed 12 or more credits of chemistry, biology or physics at your prior institution, you must complete 9 credits of chemistry, biology, or physics at Hunter College. If you have completed less than 12 credits of science at your prior institution, then you must complete 12 credits of chemistry, biology, or physics at Hunter College. You can review the required science courses for your intended health profession under the tab COURSE REQUIREMENTS on the homepage of the website. 

MINIMUM SCIENCE AND CUMULATIVE GPA: You will need to achieve a minimum science (BCP) and cumulative GPA of 3.3

PRE-HEALTH TRACK WORKSHOP: You must attend one of the following workshops depending upon your intended health profession:

  • Preparing and Applying to Podiatry School
  • Preparing and Applying to Dental School
  • Preparing and Applying to Occupation Therapy School
  • Preparing and Applying to Optometry School
  • Preparing and Applying to Pharmacy School
  • Preparing and Applying to Physical Therapy School
  • Preparing and Applying to Physician Assistant School
  • Preparing and Applying to Veterinary School
  • Preparing and Applying to MD-PhD

As a transfer student to Hunter College, you are officially a member of the Pre-Health Program at Hunter after you complete the multi-step process and set up an appointment to open your Pre-Health file with Bobby Hieger of our offices in the Pre-Professional Suite, Hunter East 710. It is advisable to see him in person to set up the appointment. 

Bobby Hieger meets with Students in the Pre-Professional Suite, Hunter East 710, on Thursdays ONLY from 10 am to 4 pm.

Please come to the meeting with the following information: (1) A complete list of all required workshops and the dates you attended them, and (2) a hard copy of your most recent unofficial transcript so that your BCPM GPA can be verified.

PLEASE NOTE: It is highly advisable to submit the Pre-Health Application and signed Contract no later than the end of your initial academic year at Hunter College so that you can benefit from regular advising appointments and possibly qualify for a Committee Letter or Letter Packet.



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