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What is the Pre-Health File?

Anatomy of a Pre-Health File

The Pre-Health File is an ongoing record of your course evaluations and letters of recommendation collected, your pre-health application and contract, and transcripts. The information in your file is kept in the Pre-Health Office and is confidential and accessible only to the Pre-Health Committee and Professions Office staff.

Pre-Health Folder

Open File Folder #1

Why do I need a Pre-Health file?
A Pre-Health file is used to determine your eligibility for receiving a Committee Letter, which is required for certain health professions graduate programs. Students will be evaluated on the quality of their Pre-Health file, in addition to whether they meet the requirements for receiving a Committee Letter.

Open Pre-Health File Folder #2

Who is eligible to open a Pre-Health file?
After all of the requirements have been met, undergraduate, second-degree, and non-degree students may apply to open their Pre-Health file. However, non-degree students are not eligible to receive a Committee Letter.

Pre-Health Folder #3

What are the requirements I need to satisfy in order to open a Pre-Health file?
Please click on the applicable link below to view the steps and requirements that need to be met prior to opening your Pre-Health file:

  • Freshman students may consult this page.
  • Transfer and Second Degree students may consult this page.

Pre-Health File Folder #4

What documents can I collect and have sent to the Pre-Health Office prior to opening a Pre-Health file?
Students who intend to open a Pre-Health file may begin collecting course evaluations from instructors immediately. Letters of recommendation cannot be collected until a Pre-Health File has been opened.

Open File Folder #5

When should I apply to open my Pre-Health file?
Students must apply to open their Pre-Health file no later than their first semester of Sophomore year at Hunter College. Transfer students must open their Pre-Health file by the end of their first year at Hunter College if they wish to avoid a gap year(s).

Pre-Health files must be open for at least 1 academic year prior to applying for a Committee Letter. If applying to the Pre-Health Program as a Junior or Senior, your Health Professions Graduate School application will be delayed (1 gap year for Juniors, 2 gap years for Seniors). Opening a Pre-Health File in your Senior Year will automatically disqualify you from being awarded a Committee Letter.

Open File Folder #6

What if I miss the deadline to open my Pre-Health File?
If you miss the deadline to open your Pre-Health File, you will not be eligible to receive a Committee Letter. However, you may still apply to receive a Letter Packet.

Pre-Health Folder #7

I have completed all of the requirements for opening my Pre-Health File. How do I open it?

  1. Please review our How to Submit the Pre-Health Application Checklist page.
  2. Submit your Pre-Health Application Checklist here.
  3. Once you have completed these steps, you submit your Pre-Health File Review Meeting Request. Jean Suh will respond and set a date for your meeting, sending you a Zoom invitation. If all requirements are met, your file will be opened and you will receive email confirmation of your File's official opening.

Pre-Health File Folder #8

How do I keep my Pre-Health file active/in good standing?
To keep your Pre-Health File in good standing, you must do the following:

  1. Request at least one course evaluation or letter of recommendation per semester. Failure to do so will result in your file becoming inactive and you will need to reapply to the program.
  2. Attend 3 Pre-Health seminars per semester (or 6 events within the academic year: September-May), as stated in your Pre-Health contract.
  3. Meet with a Pre-Health Advisor at least once per semester.

Pre-Health File Folder #9

How long do Pre-Health files remain open after graduating?
Pre-Health files remain open for up to 3 years after graduating from Hunter College. If you are a Hunter Alum, we encourage you to add letters of recommendation to keep your Pre-Health file active after graduation.

Pre-Health File #10

How can I find out what is currently in my file?
To find out which evaluations and recommendations are currently in your pre-health file, please fill out the File Check Request form.

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