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PHMI Ambassador

Ambassadors of the Pre-Health Mentoring Initiative

Ambassadors are passionate and committed PHMI Mentors that act as representatives of PHMI. They are responsible for leading mentor training sessions, holding Pre-Health peer advising hours, attending PHMI community-building events, participating in PHMI information sessions, and acting as a source of guidance for mentors and unmatched mentees. As PHMI Ambassadors are incredibly knowledgeable about what it means to be a part of PHMI and a Pre-Health student at Hunter College, they are able to provide valuable advice to new and seasoned mentors alike. As PHMI receives an increasing number of students seeking mentorship each year, Ambassadors act as temporary mentors for mentees that are in the process of being assigned to permanent mentors, ensuring that every student has someone to turn to with their PHMI and/or pre-health-related questions, comments, and concerns, no matter how long they have been part of the program.


Ghazal Zareimehrvarz

Ghazal Zareimehrvarz is a rising junior at Hunter College majoring in biology and minoring in chemistry on the pre-dental track. Her main goal at PHMI is to build confidence in pre-health students because she believes that success is not possible unless you truly value your endeavors and believe that you can achieve your goals along with hard work and consistency. Being an immigrant, she was unfamiliar with the educational style here and when she started working toward her goals to become a dentist, she had to find her way through the obstacles and challenges without enough support. She knows how challenging this journey can be and she wants to help her peers receive the support they need.


Umida Khakimova

Umida Khakimova is a junior in the biochemistry major with a minor in philosophy. She is on the pre-med track. Outside of Hunter, she works as a pharmacy technician, volunteers with Mount Sinai CARE, and coaches for her high school's Science Olympiad team. As part of PHMI, she aims to provide resources and guidance for those pursuing careers in healthcare to build a more connected community.


Nawshin Maleeha

Nawshin Maleeha is a senior at Macaulay Honors College at Hunter College, majoring in Psychology with a concentration in Behavioral Neuroscience. She is on the pre-MD or pre-MD/PhD track, hoping to become a physician scientist in the future. She joined Hunter's Pre-Health Mentoring Initiative as a mentor in hopes of practicing her mentorship and teaching skills and share what she has learned on her pre-health journey so far to incoming students.


Gisela Ismaili

Gisela Ismaili is a pre-medical student majoring in Biology and double minoring in Psychology and Sociology. She joined PHMI in her junior year and has been serving as a mentor for first-year pre-medical students. As a PHMI Ambassador in her senior year, Gisela aims to guide and support pre-health students to succeed in their professional and academic journey.


Malika Alamova

Malika Alamova is a senior majoring in biochemistry on the pre-med track. She aspires to become a physician and conduct clinical research. She joined PHMI as a mentee during her first year at Hunter and continued to serve as a mentor. Being a first-generation college student, Malika understands the obstacles one might face on their academic and professional journey which is why she values PHMI. PHMI gives students an opportunity to build a strong mentee-mentor relationship that can help ease the challenges for students pursuing a career in healthcare.


Hamid Bhatti

Hamid Bhatti is a senior at Hunter College majoring in biological sciences on the pre-med track. Beginning as a mentee himself, he values the assistance PHMI provides in navigating the strenuous journey of a pre-health student both academically and personally. Now, PHMI allows him the opportunity to give back in the same way and support pre-health students in their chosen pathways.

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