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PHMI Ambassador

Ambassadors are passionate and committed PHMI Mentors that act as representatives of PHMI. They are responsible for leading mentor training sessions, attending PHMI community-building events, participating in PHMI information sessions, and acting as a source of guidance for mentors and unmatched mentees. As PHMI Ambassadors are incredibly knowledgeable about what it means to be a part of PHMI and a Pre-Health student at Hunter College, they are able to provide valuable advice to new and seasoned mentors alike. As PHMI receives an increasing number of students seeking mentorship each year, Ambassadors act as temporary mentors for mentees that are in the process of being assigned to permanent mentors, ensuring that every student has someone to turn to with their PHMI and/or pre-health-related questions, comments, and concerns, no matter how long they have been part of the program.

Meet the PHMI Ambassadors:

Tahreem Asghar: PHMI Ambassador

Tahreem Asghar

Tahreem Asghar is a senior Biochemistry major with a public health minor on the pre-medical track.





Yuval Guetta: PHMI Ambassador

Yuval Guetta

Yuval Guetta is a third year Thomas Hunter scholar at Hunter College pursuing a degree in Psychology with a behavioral neuroscience concentration. She is on the pre-MD/PhD track.






Balkaran Singh: PHMI Ambassador

Balkaran Singh

Balkaran Singh is a rising senior at Hunter College, majoring in Biochemistry. He is on the pre-medical track and hopes to pursue an MD.







Korina Kemelmakher: PHMI Ambassador

Korina Kemelmakher

Korina Kemelmakher is a senior at Hunter College majoring in Biology and minoring in Psychology. She is on a pre-medical track.





Ziad Moussa: PHMI Ambassador

Ziad Moussa

Ziad Moussa is a junior at Hunter College majoring in Biology. He is a pre-medical student and part of the Thomas Hunter Honors program.







Syeda Jannath: PHMI Ambassador

Syeda Jannath

Syeda Jannath is a junior at Hunter majoring in Biochemistry and Special Honors under the Thomas Hunter Honors Program and minoring in Mathematics. She is on the pre-medical track.






Nafeeza Ali: PHMI Ambassodor

Nafeeza Ali

Nafeeza Ali is a senior majoring in Biochemistry with minors in History and Sociology and is on a pre-medical track.




Dina Youssef: PHMI Ambassador

Dina Youssef

Dina Youssef is a senior at Hunter College, majoring in Biochemistry and Human Biology, pursuing the pre-med track.






Pam Leybengrub: PHMI Ambassador

Pam Leybengrub

Pam Leybengrub is a junior majoring in Biology and minoring in Business. She is on the pre-medical track.





Sylvia Kerzhner: PHMI Ambassador

Sylvia Kerzhner

Sylvia Kerzhner is a rising senior at Hunter College. She is a Human Biology major and Psychology minor on the pre-PA track.






Anna Reva: PHMI Ambassador

Anna Reva

Anna Reva is a Pre-med Janovic Scholar entering her fourth year at Hunter College. She is in the five-year Biotechnology BA/MA Program, which starts in the senior year of high school and lasts throughout the four years of college. At the end of her third year in college, she completed her BA, majoring in Biology and minoring in Spanish. Anna will be continuing her MA degree in Biotechnology in Fall 2021.







Joo Sun Mun: PHMI Ambassador

Joo Sun Mun

Joo Sun Mun is currently a pre-medical junior at Hunter College pursuing a biochemistry degree with a minor in sociology.

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