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Contains all seminars for June 2018.

Everything You Need to Know about Being a Pre-Health Student

This workshop is geared towards students who are interested in going on to professional health care programs of medicine, dentistry, optometry, veterinary and podiatric medicine. This workshop is designed to ensure students learn the basic information and can begin meeting the requirements for competitive application. Topics include: • Academic Expectations • Prerequisite courses • How to develop your Pre-Health Portfolio • Characteristics of a Competitive Applicant

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Pre-Health Discussion Forum: The Right to Try

Over 1 million Americans die from a terminal illness every year. Many spend years searching for a potential cure, or struggle in vain to get accepted into a clinical trial. Unfortunately, FDA red tape and government regulations restrict access to promising new treatments, and for those who do get access, it’s often too late. “Right To Try” is legislation that allows terminally ill patients to access investigational treatments that have passed basic safety testing (Phase I) with the FDA, but are not yet available on pharmacy shelves. Attached are some papers on the issue. Please skim them before the discussion. They will provide sufficient background. This discussion will focus on the ethics and efficacy of the right to try experimental treatments.

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Organizing and Writing About Your Experiences

The experiences and personal statement sections bridge the gap between a description of you as a scientist-humanitarian and the analytics provided by the admission test and academic institutions. Your target institution needs to affirm your intellectual and temperament preparedness for the investment that they will make in you. Your academics tell the story of your intellectual journey. Your experiences and personal essay are a window into your non-academic mindset. This workshop aims to help you to organize, write and present your many achievements, your reason for pursuing a career in healthcare and to explain and minimize any flaws that may exist in your dossier.

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Preparing and Applying to Pharmacy School

Join us for an engaging talk with Dr. Thomas TenHoeve, Associate Dean at The University of Illinois at Chicago College of Pharmacy. Topics to be covered include: • Top 10 reasons to pursue a PharmD career • Careers options and earnings potential for PharmD • Prerequisite courses and admissions requirements • Pharmacy school interview process

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Professionalism 101 for Pre-Health Students

This workshop teach you professional etiquette that will help you to be successful in your academic and professional life. Topics include: Communication(oral and written) Attitude/Demeanor Image Competence Professional ethics This is a required Pre-Health workshop.

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Pre-Health Group Advising

Hunter Pre-Health advisers will hold a group advising sessions for students with Pre-Health questions. This session will be held in a classroom setting and will allow students to collectively ask questions of the Pre-Health advising team and to learn from their Pre-Health peers. All are welcome, especially first-year students!

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Pre-Health Discussion Forum: Gene Therapy

Current gene therapy research has focused on treating individuals by targeting the therapy to body cells such as bone marrow or blood cells. This type of gene therapy cannot be passed to a person’s children. Gene therapy could be targeted to egg and sperm cells (germ cells), however, which would allow the inserted gene to be passed to future generations. This approach is known as germline gene therapy. Because gene therapy involves making changes to the body’s set of basic instructions, it raises many unique ethical concerns. The ethical questions surrounding gene therapy include: 1. How can “good” and “bad” uses of gene therapy be distinguished? 2. Who decides which traits are normal and which constitute a disability or disorder? 3. Will the high costs of gene therapy make it available only to the wealthy? 4. Could the widespread use of gene therapy make society less accepting of people who are different? 5. Should people be allowed to use gene therapy to enhance basic human traits such as height, intelligence, or athletic ability? Attached is some reading material on the issue. Please skim them before the discussion. They will provide sufficient background. This discussion will focus on the ethics and efficacy of gene therapy.

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Suturing 101 for Pre-Health Students

Come and learn how to suture. The term “suture” is used to refer both to a specific technique for closing a wound, in which the sides of the wound are stitched together, and to the individual stitches involved in the wound closure. This is a hands-on workshop. You will be given the opportunity to practice suturing. Start perfecting your suturing skills today! Seats are limited. RSVP TODAY. PLEASE, ONLY RSVP if you are certain you can make it to the event.

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Multiple Mini Interviews: How to Prepare for the MMI

Over forty medical, dental, and osteopathic schools of medicine use the Multiple Mini Interview method of selecting applicants to their program. This workshop will explain the goal of the interview format, what you can expect, what you need to know to be successful, what to do when the scenario goes wrong, as well as offer a practice scenario, and resources for further exploration.

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