We encourage pre-health students to come in once each semester for advisement regarding course selection, course progress, special programs, and applications. Please use the link on the left to learn more about meeting with an Advisor in the Pre-Health Advising Office.

Here at Hunter there are many different ways to speak with a Pre-Health Advisor

Schedule an In-Person Appointment
If you have a specific issue that may require an extended amount of time, or you just want to be guaranteed time with an advisor making an appointment is the best way ensure your needs are met. Please use the Advisement Appointments link on the left to find out more about scheduling an appointment online. Appointment scheduling is only done online.

Schedule a Phone Appointment
New in the Spring 2012 semester, short phone appointments will be available. Phone appointments are for students who have a quick question or two that can be answered in 10-15 minutes. If it is difficult to get to campus during other advisement times, this is a great option.

Come During Walk-In Advising Hours
Each week there are scheduled walk-in advising hours. During these hours, students with quick questions can come in and meet with an advisor. For information regarding walk-in advising procedures please use the Walk-In Advising link on the left.

If you decide to come during the scheduled walk-in hours, you do not need to notify us via phone or e-mail. Just come to the 8th floor of the East Building during the scheduled hours, sign-up and have a seat! Remember, always check the website before coming for walk-in hours to make sure they have not been cancelled or re-scheduled.

Come to Our Workshops
Each semester, the Pre-Health Advising Office holds workshops to answer questions and provide detailed information regarding the pre-health file, applications, office procedures and other important topics that apply to all students. The calendar on the right, will have the dates for our workshops. Check back monthly during the semester to see if any office workshops have been added. This is a great way to have your questions answered and also hear the concerns of the other pre-health students.

E-mail an Advisor
Cathy and Kelly are happy to answer short/quick questions via e-mail. If you find yourself writing more than a paragraph or two in an e-mail, schedule a phone or in-person appointment, your question may not be suited for e-mail advisement. Please allow 72 business hours to receive a response via e-mail.


The staff of the Pre-Health Advising Office is here to assist all students. However, each staff member has her own specialty, please go to the Advisors page to determine who you should be meeting with to best assist you.

Dr. Karen E.S. Phillips
Director of Pre-Health Programs and Organic Chemistry Professor
East 803

Kelly Gentry
Pre-Health Programs Coordinator and Advisor
East 812A

Cathy Jalali
Pre-Health Advisor
East 818

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695 Park Ave
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