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The requirements for a Committee Letter have been updated for the 2019-2020 cycle, so please read carefully.

The Deadline for Committee Letter Applications is February 1st, no exceptions. Be on top of what is required.

The Pre-Health Office does NOT provide Committee Letters to Non-Degree Students at Hunter College. A student must be committed to obtaining a Degree at Hunter College in order to qualify for a Committee Letter.


WHAT IS A COMMITTEE LETTER? The Committee Letter is a composite letter that incorporates all of the information in a student's file, and its narrative includes quotations from evaluations and letters of recommendation as well as impressions derived from the personal statement and an interview. At the discretion of the Pre-Health Committee, particularly strong and descriptive letters of recommendation may also be appended to the Committee letter in their entirety. NOTE: MEDICAL SCHOOLS ARE AWARE THAT HUNTER PROVIDES A COMMITTEE LETTER AND WILL INQUIRE WHY HUNTER STUDENTS DID NOT RECEIVE ONE IF THEY APPLY ON THEIR OWN.


Basic Requirements for a Committee Letter:

First Step: You must attend a Committee Letter Workshop. If you have not attended you are not eligible to receive a Committee Letter.


To qualify for a Committee Letter you must:

  • Have an active Pre-Health file for at least 1 academic year. You must apply to open a file no later than the first semester of your sophomore year in order to be eligible for a Committee Letter. (Students in their junior and senior year, who do not have a Pre-Health File, are eligible to receive a Letter Packet).
  • Be an active Pre-Health student (meet with a Pre-Health advisor at least once per semester).
  • Attend 3 Pre-Health events per semester while enrolled at Hunter after your file is opened. Students enrolled in the Post-Bacc Program must attend 2 events per semester.
  • Have at least a 3.3 BCPM (Bio, Chem, Phys, Math) GPA and at least a 3.3·cumulative GPA at the time of the Committee Letter Application.

  • Completed (or are in the process of completing) at least 38 credits of Math and Science (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and certain courses in the medical Laboratory Sciences major). Transfer students must complete at least 30 credits of Math and Science at the time of the Committee Letter Application.

  • Have a minimum of 14-16 evaluative documents—6 letters of recommendation and 8-10 course evaluations from Hunter instructors—submitted to your Pre-Health File. Of the 6 letters of recommendation, one letter must be from a Hunter science (biology, chemistry or physics) faculty member, one letter must be from a clinical supervisor/doctor and, one from a research supervisor. You must have at least 3 course evaluations from science courses (one from Biology, one from Chemistry, and one from Physics preferred). The 8-10 teacher evaluations and 6 letters of recommendation must all be submitted by February 1st.

  • Submit a letter of good standing from all institutions that you have attended (this includes institutions where you have taken classes on e-Permit, or if you attended another college for one semester). Please be advised that if you have been dismissed from any program/institution, or if disciplinary action has been taken against you, you are not eligible for a Committee Letter.
  • For MD, DO, Veterinary applicants, you must have a minimum 6-12 months of research experience and you must provide a letter of recommendation from your PI (also strongly recommended for Dental students looking to gain an edge).
  • We strongly suggest you take your entrance exam (MCAT, DAT, OAT, etc.) no later than May 30th of your application cycle.
  • Competitive test scores are: MCAT: 512 (ALLOPATHIC); MCAT: 507 (DO); DAT: 21; GRE: 315.
  • If you score below the above-mentioned scores, we strongly recommend that you postpone your application until the following cycle.


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