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Committee Letter Application Process

How to Apply for a Committee Letter

What is a Committee Letter?

The Committee Letter is comprised of all the information in your Pre-Health file. It includes quotations from course evaluations and letters of recommendation, as well as impressions derived from the personal statement and your Committee Letter interview. Strong letters of recommendation will be appended to your Committee Letter at the discretion of the Pre-Health Committee. All students Committee Letter applicants are evaluated based on this rubric.

For which health professions does the Pre-Health Office provide Committee Letters?

Committee Letters are provided to degree-seeking Hunter students who are applying to Medical, Dental, Optometry, Podiatry, and Veterinary Schools. The Pre-Health Office does NOT provide Committee Letters for the following health professions: Podiatric medical schools, Pharmacy schools, Physical Therapy programs, Occupational Therapy programs, and Physician Assistant programs.

When can I apply for a Committee Letter?

You may apply for your Committee Letter in the Fall of the academic year in which you plan to apply.

Committee Letter Timeline

Committee Letter Eligibility Requirements
(For Undergraduate, Transfer, & Second Degree students)

  1. If a student has not met with a Pre-Health Advisor at least once per academic year while enrolled at Hunter College, no Committee Letter will be written for the student. Only Navigate appointments are considered for meeting this requirement.
  2. MCAT, DAT or OAT scores must be submitted by October 30, 2022, prior to the Committee Letter Application Deadline of January 15.
  3. Attend Committee Letter Seminar (offered Fall semesters only)
  4. Keep an active Pre-Health file
    1. Maintain an active Pre-Health presence
    2. Meet with a Pre-Health advisor at least once per semester
  5. Attend 3 Pre-Health events per semester (6 per academic year)
  6. Minimum 3.45 BCPM (Bio, Chem, Phys, Math) and cumulative GPA at the time you apply for the Committee Letter Application (for second degree-seeking students, the minimum requirements are 3.75)
  7. Have completed (or are in the process of completing) at least 38 science credits at Hunter College
    1. Transfer students must complete a minimum of 30 BCPM credits at Hunter College by the time the Committee Letter Application is submitted
  8. Minimum of 14-16 evaluative documents in your Pre-Health file by January 15th of the year in which you plan to apply.
    1. At least 6 letters of recommendation
      • Two (2) from science faculty (if you have a recommendation from an ePermit course, one letter must also be from Hunter College Biology, Chemistry or Physics faculty)
      • One (1) from clinical supervisor (letter from MD/DO, DDS, OD, DVM or DPM preferred)
      • One (1) letter from a PI or research supervisor (for dental, veterinary, optometry and podiatry applicants if you have no research experience a second science faculty letter of recommendation is required MD/PhD Candidates must have letter from PI)
    2. 8-10 course evaluations (at least 3 course evaluations must be from biology, chemistry, physics instructors, TAs or professors)

important: Please do not submit a letter of recommendation and course evaluation request from the same person for the same course.

  1. 7. Attend all required seminars below:
    1. Committee Letter Seminar (only offered Fall semester)
    2. Application Planning 101 for Your Desired Profession
    3. Depending on your track, attend one of the following:
    4. Dissecting the AADSAS Application Process: Packaging Yourself for Success
      1. Dissecting the AACOMAS Application Process: Packaging Yourself for Success
      2. Dissecting the AMCAS Application Process: Packaging Yourself for Success
      3. Dissecting the OPTOMCAS Application Process: Packaging Yourself for Success
    5. The Personal Statement Seminar
    6. Organizing and Writing About Your Experiences
    7. Preparing Your Secondary Essays for Health Profession Applications
    8. AMCAS 101—Everything You Need to Know About AMCAS (pre-meds only)
    9. The COVID-19 Essay: How to Write a Strong Response to this New Prompt
    10. Gap Year Resume Seminar: Packaging Yourself for Success
    11. Update Letters and Letters of Intent
    12. Multiple Mini & CASPer Interviews: How to Prepare
    13. Overcoming Procrastination for Pre-Health Students
    14. Financing Your Medical Education
    15. Time Management for Applicants: from Application Submission to Applicant Interviews
    16. When and How to Write the Disadvantaged Statement Essay for Health Professions Application Seminar

* In addition to completing the requirements above, second degree students must provide evidence of completion or intent to complete a second degree from Hunter College.

Furthermore, second-degree students must meet the requirements below:

  1. Minimum cumulative GPA of 3.75
  2. Minimum science GPA of 3.5
  3. Minimum science and cumulative GPA of 3.0 at your prior institution
  4. You must complete a Hunter Degree. You can only receive a Committee Letter after graduating from Hunter.

The Pre-Health Office does NOT provide Committee Letters to Non-Degree Students at Hunter College.

After Submitting Your Committee Letter Assessment Form (post CL seminar):

  1. Schedule your Committee Letter Assessment and Application Plan (CLAAP) appointment with a Pre-Health Advisor
  2. Submit letters of good standing from all U.S. institutions previously attended
  3. Perform a file check to ensure all required documents have been received by the Pre-Health Office. All documents must be submitted by January 15th of the year in which you intend to apply—no exceptions will be made to this policy.

Please note the following:

  • The Pre-Health Office will only process two Committee Letter Applications per student.
  • A Hunter student or Hunter graduate who has previously received an offer of admission to medical school or other health professional school and has turned it down in order to apply again in a different cycle will NOT be eligible to receive a Committee Letter as a re-applicant.
  • Committee Letters will only be processed for students who have earned competitive test scores by October 30th, 2022. Competitive test scores are:
    • MCAT: 514 (Allopathic)
    • MCAT: 507 (Osteopathic)
    • DAT: 22
    • OAT: 360
    • If you are unable to meet the competitive scoring metrics above, we strongly recommend that you postpone your application until the following cycle.
  • If you plan to take your entrance exam in May, you will automatically receive a Letter Packet.
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