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Speech Clinic

Clinic Contact
Phone: 212 481 4464


Speech-Language Services

The Center serves the New York City community offering various speech-language services such as language, articulation, fluency, voice, dysphagia, cognition, pragmatic skills, hearing, and augmentative/alternative communication. Assistance in accent reduction and phonological awareness towards improved reading can be arranged as well.


Evaluations are important to determine the type, severity, cause, and treatment plan for individuals with communicative disorders. The assessments include the collection of case history information (medical, educational, psycho-social histories), administration of standardized and non-standardized measurements of communication behaviors, and examinations of the speech and hearing mechanisms. All results are shared with the client/caretaker after each appointment.  Written reports are generated and forwarded to the client or the parent/caretaker as follow-up.


Recommendations for therapy services and/or referrals to other professionals are made based on the diagnostic assessment.

HCCCD serves people of all ages with speech, language or hearing disorders, differences, or delays, including:

  • Children with speech and language  delays and disorders
  • Children or adults with stuttering or cluttering
  • Children or adults with voice disorders
  • Children or adults with communication disorders due to cerebral palsy, stroke, cancer, brain injury, chronic ear infections, congenital or acquired hearing loss.
  • Children or adults with foreign dialects that interfere with English intelligibility.

The Center operates around the year, accepting new clients for assessment and treatment throughout each semester. The HCCCD does not accept insurance plans, but does offer a sliding fee scale for those clients without insurance coverage. Please call the Center to make an appointment or inquire about services at 212 481 4464.

For appointment and inquiries, email the clinic at:

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