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Dept. Contact:
Ms. Joanne Johnson
hone: 212 481 4467


Speech-Language Pathology Courses

Course Descriptions

Catalog descriptions of graduate-level courses offered by the department only to students matriculated into the Speech-Language Pathology master of science curriculum in the Department of Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology. These courses are not available for audit.

Degree Course Sequence

Students matriculated in the Speech-Language Pathology curriculum are enrolled in a full time "locked" sequence of courses only. This means that part time studies are not permitted and that the same courses are not offered every semester. The curriculum is a progression of coursework in which students can only enroll in the order courses are given. Full time enrollment requires 6 semesters of studies:
Year 1 - summer pre-enrollment of 3 credit course required for the New York State Teachers of Students with Speech-Language Disabilities (TSSLD), followed by fall, spring and summer
Year 2 - fall and spring enrollment - summer enrollment may be incuded for additional clinical experience.

 A student who falls out of the lockstep sequence will need to enroll for more semesters in order to catch up to the curriculum.

Current Semester's Course Listing

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