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Pre-requisite Coursework

What pre-requisite coursework will I need to apply as a degree student?

The following lists the coursework necessary to apply to the COMSC Program.

Coursework Number of Credits
Communication Sciences
Introduction to Language 3
Introduction to Speech Pathology 3
Anatomy and Physiology of Speech Mechanisms 3
Introduction to American Phonetics 3
Introduction to Audiology 3
Total 15
Liberal Arts and Sciences
Biological science 3
Physical science 3
Social science 6
Statistics 3
English 3
Intensive Writing 3
US History or US Political Science 3
Arts 3
Non-English Language 3
Total 30

Will my application be reviewed if I'm missing credits?

Applications missing credits may be reviewed depending on the number and type of courses needing to be fulfilled. Due to the highly competitive nature of the admissions process, applicants are advised to have completed the 15 credits of pre-requisite courses in the Communication Sciences field. Pre-requisite courses that are in progress may necessitate review of the applicant's file at a later date in the admissions process.

What is a "conditional" acceptance?

Should an applicant be missing 6 credits of coursework, not including those in progress, a conditional acceptance may be extended to the student. Those students starting the curriculum with conditions must complete them by the end of the summer of the first academic year.

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