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Appendix B : Timeline for Hunter Course Submission & Approval

The following timeline is intended to help academic programs plan for curricular changes. It provides a general overview of the process. Because proposals may encounter delays along the way, the timeline is strictly to emphasize that advance planning is necessary; there is no guarantee that proposals will be approved within the time frame suggested below. 

Departmental curriculum committee approves a curricular action (new course, change in course, etc.) and submits the necessary forms to the appropriate dean’s office.

Weeks 4-6 (from start)
Dean’s office reviews the proposal and forwards to school’s curriculum committee.

Weeks 10-12 
School requests a Senate number (US, UR, GS, or GR) and submits proposal to the Senate.

Weeks 12-14
Senate curriculum committee (either Undergraduate or Graduate Course of Study) reviews proposal.

Weeks 14-18 
Course is submitted to the Hunter College Senate.

Weeks 22-30 
The action is submitted in the “Academic Matters” portion of Hunter’s Chancellor’s University Report.

Weeks 30-32
CUNY Board of Trustees approves the current CUR.

Weeks 32-36
CUR is published and available through the CUNY portal. 

Weeks 40-42 
Registrar’s Office is notified of the approved actions and updates college systems. The new or changed course may now be offered.

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