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The Ombuds Officer

The Charter for a Governance of Hunter College established the office of the Ombuds Officer, who serves as an independent agent to improve communication between individuals and the College. The Ombuds Officer receives complaints and may undertake independent investigation if the usual procedures have proven inadequate or have been exhausted, and may recommend action to any officer, committee, or organization of the College.

The Ombuds Officer serves as an independent agent to improve communication between the individual and the institution. This includes receiving complaints, investigating, and taking appropriate action-such as counseling, negotiating, and persuading. The Ombudsman provides avenues through which institutional injustices can be rectified and the causes of these injustices alleviated. Complaints can be made with anonymity assured.


International Ombuds Association Code of Ethics

International Ombuds Association Standards of Practice

The U.S. Surgeon General's Framework for Workplace Mental Health & Well-Being


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