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Committee on the Library


Function in an advisory capacity to the Chief Librarian and as a liaison between the Library and the College community.  It shall encourage periodic review of immediate and long-term needs of the Library and library needs of individual departments and disciplines.  The committee shall review an annual summary of the status of library resources and services to be provided by the Chief Librarian, and report on it to the Senate in the Fall semester.

  • Chair
  • 1 Faculty member from each of the divisions
  • 1 Faculty member from the School of Social Work
  • 1 Faculty member from the Main Library
  • 1 Faculty member from the Branch Library
  • 2 Students
  • 2 Student Alternates


  • Chief Librarian

Current memberships

  • Prof. Mike Benediktsson, Sociology 
  • Prof. Michelle Macroy- Higgins, SPLA
  • Prof. Marina Lalayants
  • Main Library, Prof. Sarah Ward (Chair)
  • Branch Library, Ajatshatru (A.J.) Pathak
  • Alternate, Prof. Phil Swan, Library
  • Alternate, Prof. Wendy Raver, Religion
  • Student, Anastasia Villarreal


  • Chief Librarian, John Pell

*subject to future ratification by the Nominating Committee and the Hunter College Senate

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