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Exemption from the Hunter Language Proficiency Requirement

Students who have prior language proficiency, including in languages not offered at Hunter (common examples include American Sign Language, Korean, Turkish, Urdu), may be exempted from some or all of this requirement.

For exemption based on prior study, you might have:

·       successfully completed four years of one language other than English in high school,

·       passed a language Advanced Placement Test of the College Board with a grade of 3 or higher,

·       passed at least one advanced college language or literature course that has a 4th-semester level prerequisite in that language,

·       graduated from a high school outside the United States in which the language of instruction was other than English, or

·       completed one or more semesters of full-time study at a college or university outside of the United States in which the language of instruction was other than English, including a study-abroad program.

Discuss with your assigned primary advisor if you think you meet one of these exemption criteria.


For other exemptions:

Students to whom the above conditions do not apply who want to demonstrate proficiency, may do so by earning a sufficient score on a Hunter-approved proficiency examination. To arrange for an examination in a language taught at Hunter, contact the appropriate department office:



Classical & Oriental Studies

Arabic, Chinese, ancient Greek, Hebrew, Japanese, Latin, Polish, Russian



Romance Languages

French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish


If the language in question is not taught at Hunter College, students may take New York University School of Professional Studies“12-Point Exam.”


For American Sign Language, students may take the American Sign Language Proficiency Interview (ASLPI) through Gallaudet University.


Exam results from NYU or Gallaudet should be forwarded to you and to the Office of Advising for processing. Before signing up for one of these exams, please consult with your primary academic advisor about the minimum score required for exemption.


Other questions about exemption from the Hunter Language Proficiency Requirement should be directed to


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