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Committee on the Budget


Annually develop the guidelines which, on review by the Senate and approved by the President of Hunter College, will be followed by the departments in the preparation of their projected budgets.  It will review the resulting con­solidated annual budget of the College and report on it to the Senate.


In addition, it will advise the President, at the latter's discretion, on the apportionment of instructional resources, budget, and space allo­cated to the College.


Designated Voting Members

  • Chair
  • 1 Faculty member from each division and School of Social Work
  • Director of of SEEK or designee
  • 2 Students
  • 2 Student Alternates

Ex-officio members

  • Chief Academic Officer
  • Vice President for Administration and designee

Current memberships

  • Chair, Prof. Randall Filer, Economics
  • Prof. Gina Riley, Special Education
  • Prof. Jason Young, Psychology
  • Prof. Rob Thompson, Math & Stat
  • Prof. Khursheed Navader, Nutrition
  • Prof. Sarah-Jane Dodd, School of Social Work
  • Alternate Prof. Jennifer Gaboury, WGS
  • Alternate Prof. Timothy Goodspeed, Economics
  • Student, Yostina Girgis
  • Student Alternate, Julian Reich, History and Political Science
  • Student Alternate, Isabella Grullon, Political Science 


  • Chief Academic Officer, Manoj P Pardasani
  • Vice President for Administration, Livia Cangemi

*subject to future ratification by the Nominating Committee and the Hunter College Senate

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