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Appeal to Apply Elective Credits to the Hunter Core

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Students may appeal to apply credits for elective courses to general education requirements. The course(s) in question must satisfy the specified learning outcomes. A learning outcome is a specific or general goal that a student achieves in a course. These goals may be applicable to a variety of courses, such as evaluating evidence to apply in argument, or specific to a subject, such as articulating the impact of technologies and scientific discoveries on the contemporary world.

To make a successful appeal, it is necessary to show how the course provided the basis for the required learning outcomes through the structure, content, and assignments. Details about the required learning outcomes are available for each area:

English Composition Learning Outcomes Appeal Application
Mathematical and Quantitative Reasoning Learning Outcomes Appeal Application
Life and Physical Sciences Learning Outcomes Appeal Application
World Cultures and Global Issues Learning Outcomes Appeal Application
U.S. Experience in its Diversity Learning Outcomes Appeal Application
Creative Expression Learning Outcomes Appeal Application
Individual and Society Learning Outcomes Appeal Application
Scientific World Learning Outcomes Appeal Application

On the application form, you will need to provide evidence that you met the learning outcomes in the course in question. You can do this, in the spaces provided, by describing specific content or activities in the course.  Proof that the outcomes have been met should be accompanied by documentation including, but not limited to, a link to a relevant course description, the syllabus, and sample assignment sheets or your work.

Begin the appeals application process by reviewing the areas and learning outcomes listed above. Select the area most suitable for your course, and then click the link for the appropriate application. You will have the opportunity to upload supporting documents.

For additional help with completing this form, please see an adviser in the Office of Academic Advising or visit the Senate office in Hunter East 1018.

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