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Committee on Academic Assessment and Evaluation


Develop, implement, review, and approve all college policies and procedures related to academic assessment. Seek necessary support (logistical and otherwise) for the proper implementation of approved college assessment processes and policies. Coordinate with other Senate committees to ensure that all policies and procedures related to academic assessment are faculty-driven. Serve as an assessment advisory committee for academic departments and programs, and work with all relevant constituencies as needed. Inform the academic community about accreditation standards as presented by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education. Deliver regular reports to the Hunter Senate.


Designated Voting Members

  • Chair
  • 1 full-time faculty from each division of the School of Arts and Sciences
  • 3 full-time faculty members at-large from the School of Arts and Sciences
  • 1 faculty from each of the Schools of Education, Social Work, Nursing, Health Sciences
  • 2 students-at-large from the School of Arts and Sciences
  • Director of Assessment

Ex-officio members

  • Deans of the schools of  Arts and Sciences, Social Work, Nursing, Education and Health Sciences (or their respective designees)
  • Chief Academic Officer and the Vice President of Student Affairs (or their respective designee)
  • Director of Institutional Research

Current memberships

  • Prof. Alicia Ramos, Romance Languages
  • Prof. Bryan Dowling, Psychology
  • Prof. Bill Williams, Mathematics and Statistics
  • Prof. Daniel Teodorescu, Education
  • Prof. Christine Cutugno, Nursing
  • Prof. Elizabeth Geltman, Urban Public Health
  • Prof. Andrea Savage, Silberman School of Social Work
  • Prof. Zachary Shirkey, Political Science
  • Prof. Iryna Vushko, History
  • Prof. Wendy Hayden, English
  • Director of Assessment, Meredith Reitman

Ex-officio members

  • Director of Institutional Research, Joan Lambe
  • Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences, Angela Haddad
  • Dean of the School of Education, David Steiner
  • Dean of the School of Health Sciences, Marilyn Auerbach
  • Dean School of Nursing, Gail Mc Cain
  • Dean of the School of Social Work, Jacqueline Mondros
  • Vice President for Student Affairs, Eija Ayravainen
  • Chief Academic Officer, or designee, Edward Barboni

Reports to the Senate



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