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Committee on Evaluation of Teaching


Respon­sible for: the preparation of standard guides for an evaluation questionnaire to provide opportunities, under its supervision, for some depart­mental variation in the details of the evalua­tion procedure; con­tinuing review of the scope, validity, content, and effi­cacy of the questionnaires actu­ally util­ized; and the compila­tion, analysis, and publi­cation of the data produced by such question­naires in order to facilitate widespread under­standing of the purposes and results of the evaluation pro­cedure.


Designated Voting Members

  • Chairs(s)-Student
  • 7 Students
  • 5 Faculty members

Current Membership

  • Chair, Nibras Ahmed
  • Prof. Jewel Thompson, Music
  • Prof. Nicki Silberman, Physical Therapy
  • Prof. Mark Halling, Sociology
  • Prof. Elizabeth Klein*, Special Education
  • Prof. Gess LeBlanc, Educational Foundations
  • Alternate, Prof. Paul Feinstein*, Biological Sciences
  • Student, Andrew Shkreli
  • Student, Leny Prog
  • Student, Saif Zihiri*
  • Student, Elyas Amin
  • Student, Darin Kalev
  • Student Alternate, Alexa Michel

*subject to future ratification by the Nominating Committee and the Hunter College Senate

Report to the Senate