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Graduate Course of Study & Academic Requirements Committee


Review all Master's Program and graduate courses to be listed in the Hunter College Bulletin on graduate studies, whether on the Master's or the Doctoral level. Its functions shall also include the review and coordination of graduate academic requirements, the formulation of policy, for adoption by the Senate, regarding the methods of grading, admissions, attendance, withdrawal, maintenance of academic standards, accreditation of work done at other institutions.


Designated Voting members

  • Chair(s)
  • 6 Faculty members who teach in the graduate programs
  • 1 Faculty members from each divisions
  • 2 graduate students
  • 2 graduate students alternates

Ex-Officio members

  • Deans of the divisions and/or schools including the Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences
  • Chief Academic Officer or designee
  • Chief Librarian or designee

Current Membership

  • Chair, David Keepnews, Nursing
  • Prof. Andrew Lund, Film & Media
  • Prof. Peggy Chen, Educational Foundations
  • Prof. Patricia Rockwell, Biology
  • At-Large, Prof. Anne Ediger, Curriculum & Teaching
  • Alternate, Prof. Mary Schooling, School of Publich Health
  • Alternate, Prof. Suzanne Babyar, Physical Therapy

*subject to future ratification by the Nominating Committee and the Hunter College Senate


  • School of Arts & Sciences, Dean Andrew Polsky/Robert Cowen
  • School of Education, Acting Dean Jennifer Tuten/Matthew Caballero
  • School of Health Professions, Joyce Griffin-Sobel (Nursing)/Frank Flammino
  • Chief Academic Officer, Mark Hauber
  • Chief Librarian, Dan Cherubin