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Undergraduate Academic Requirements Committee


The formula­tion of policy regarding methods of grading, requirements of student attendance, regulations relating to withdrawal from courses, and admis­sions not specified by Board of Trustees By-laws.

Designated Voting Members

  • 1 Faculty from each divisions and 2 Faculty from the divisions serving at-large.
  • 3 Students
  • 3 Students Alternates

Ex-officio members

  • Dean of Students
  • Chief Academic Officer or designee
  • Assistant Dean for Advising and Counseling
  • Director of Evening Student Services
  • Registrar

Current memberships

  • Prof. Kristen Grant, Chemestry
  • Prof. Marnia Lazreg, Sociology
  • Prof. Leigh-Jones, English
  • Prof. Patricia Martin, SEEK
  • At-large Prof. Ian Blecher, Philosophy
  • Alternate Prof. Jason Young (Chair)
  • Alternate Prof. Monica Calabritto, Romance Languages
  • Chief Academic Officer, or designee, Lon Kauffman/Vanya Quinones
  • Dean of Students or designee, Mindy Forman
  • Director of Evening Student Services, David Lau
  • Registar, Aylin Brandon/ Denise Lucena-Jerez

*subject to future ratification by the Nominating Committee and the Hunter College Senate

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