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Select Committee on Student Success


The jurisdiction of this committee will extend to such academic and support programs that exist and will be created to improve the academic experience of entering students. Among the concerns that may be included are 

  • The “Block Program” 
  • Orientation Programs 
  • The Orientation Seminar 
  • Admission and Enrollment issues 
  • Communications with entering students
  • Responsibilities of academic departments for entering students. 
  • Transitions beyond the first year 


Designated Voting Members

  • 4 Faculty members
  • 4 members of the Staff of Student Services
  • 5 Undergraduate Students

Ex-officio members

  • Provost
  • Vice President for Student Affairs
  • Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences or designee

Current memberships

  • Chair, Prof. Michael Steiper, Anthropology
  • Prof. John Pell, Library
  • Prof. Mike Owen Benediktsson, Sociology
  • Prof. Mark Halling, Sociology
  • Alternate, Diego Loayza, Biological Sciences
  • Alternate, Lisa Marie Anderson, German
  • Alternate, Elizabeth Klein, Special Education
  • Student, Charles Bachmann
  • Student, Ashley Siewnarine
  • Student Services, Helene Brown
  • Student Services, Maureen O'Conor

*subject to future ratification by the Nominating Committee and the Hunter College Senate


  • Provost or Designee,
  • Vice President for Student Affairs, Brian Maasjo
  • Dean of Arts and Sciences, Dean Andrew Polsky/ Angela Haddad

Reports to the Senate