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Hunter's MIT 2020 Winter Quantitative Methods Workshop

In January Hunter sent seven students to MIT's annual winter Quantitative Methods Workshop (QMW) in Cambridge, MA.  This highly competitive, intensive, and rewarding research program is designed to introduce students to quantitative tools and programming languages (e.g., MATLAB and Python) that are routinely used to analyze experimental data in biology and neuroscience. Shown here with program director Dr. Mandana Sassanfar are (from left to right: Gazi Husain, Isaac Lapides, Shanjeed Ali, Aryan Bhatt, Dr. Sassanfar, Qianfan Yang, Ajani Stewart, and Owen Kunhardt. Lapides, Bhatt, Yang, Stewart and Kunhardt are computer science majors. Ali is a chemistry major, Husain a biochemistry major, and Yang a bioinformatics major.