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Subhadarshi Panda completes dissertation

The department extends a warm congratulations to Subhadarshi Panda for successfully defending his disseration this past June! Please read this message written by Subhadarshi himself for more details about his dissertation, and his path after Hunter:

"Deception and misinformation are constantly increasing, especially on social media, and therefore it has become crucial to develop machine learning methods to identify deception automatically. In my dissertation, I explore problems related to classifying text-based deception in cross-domain, cross-lingual, and multi-modal scenarios. One major challenge is that deception models do not generalize well across domains. For example, a deception classifier trained on data from court trials does not perform well in identifying deception in social media. A similar problem occurs when a deception classifier of one language is tested on another language. Finally, in cases where multiple modalities are available for identifying deception, it is unclear how much importance each modality carries. We thoroughly study these problems in my dissertation and propose strategies to understand and improve deception detection.

I am grateful to Hunter College and the Graduate Center for giving me numerous fond memories of my PhD journey. Next, I am excited to join Twitter as a Machine Learning Engineer where I will continue exploring interesting real-world problems involving natural language processing and deep learning."

Congratulations again, Subhadarshi. We're thrilled to see our students make outstanding achievements in the field, and hope your story offers inspiration to future students of the department.