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Sabbatical Updates

This semester, we welcome back Prof. Susan Epstein and Prof. Katherine St. John from fellowship leave. 

Prof. Epstein spent her sabbatical as a visiting scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where she participated in labs on that study computational cognitive science, computational neuroscience, language grounded in visual perception, and rodent learning and memory. Since MIT went virtual she has continued to work with her colleagues there, with a focus on interdisciplinary aspects of intelligence and spatial cognition. This term, she is teaching her popular artificial intelligence course as well as supervising a host of students who study cutting-edge research in machine learning and planning.

Prof. St. John spent part of her sabbatical at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand via their Visiting Erskine Fellowship Programme.  During her leave, she focused on tree and network models of evolutionary histories.  She returns to Hunter this term as interim chair of the department.  

Chair William Sakas is on fellowship leave this spring to focus on his research in computational linguistics.  Prof. Sakas returns to the chairmanship of the department on 1 June.