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Two exciting course offerings for Spring 2023

If you're still looking for ways to round out your SP23 class schedule with topics relevant to the major, look no further than the following two courses, which will be taught by our faculty this Spring!

  • Professor Susan Epstein will teach SCI 111, Brains, Minds, and Machines once again in Spring 2023. This interdisciplinary course is ⅓ cognitive neuroscience, ⅓  cognitive psychology, and ⅓ AI. For those of you interested in thinking, this Pathways course has no prerequisites but is not creditable toward the major. (And yes, that is SCI, not CSCI.)
  • Professors Tiziana Ligorio and Susan Epstein will definitely teach CSCI 493.77 Deep Learning in Spring 2023. This cutting edge material addresses most of the recent headline-grabbing achievements in AI, including Go, protein folding, deep fakes, and computers that can write poetry.