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Procedures for Preparing and Submitting Curriculum Proposals for College Approval (Fall 2018)


Part A: Instructions

I. Approval Steps and Effective Term 

II. Definition of Substantive and Routine

III. Change in Existing Course and New Course (Including Hunter Core Requirement, STEM Variant, Pluralism & Diversity, Writing Intensive, Cross-Listing,  and Inactivating and Reactivating a Course)

IV.  Change in Degree Program and New Minor  

V.  Advance Notice 

VI.  New Degree Program, Certificate, Dual Degree, and Deregistering a Degree Program   

VII.  Non-Permanent Course:  Experimental Course and Decimalized Course

VIII.  Non-Curricular Actions (Change, Establishment, Abolishing or Reorganize Department, School, or Program; Creation of a Center or Institute; and new Exchange Agreements) 

Part B: Procedures for Challenging Substantive Curriculum Proposals

Part C: Forms

I. Cover Letter

II. Substantive Change in Course

III. Routine Change in Course

IV. New Course 

V. STEM Variant, Pluralism & Diversity, and Writing Intensive  

VI. Cross-Listing

VII. Experimental Course Request 

VIII. Change in a Degree Program and Minor

IX. New Minor

X. New Degree Program  

1. New Degree Program Based on Existing Registered Program

2. Certificate and Advanced Certificate Program 

3. Dual Degree Program

4. Deregistering a Degree Program  

Part D: Non-Curricular Actions Requiring Senate Approval  

1. Change Department, Schools, or Program Name

2. Establishing Department, Schools, or Program 

3. Abolishing or Reorganizing Department, Schools, or Program

4. Establishing Center or Institute

5. International Exchange Agreements


Appendix A:  Catalog Description of the Hunter Core Requirement 

Appendix B:  Credit Hour Guidelines (Adopted by the Senate Courses of Study Committees) 

Appendix C:  Course Number and Level 

Appendix D:  Syllabus Checklist 

Appendix E:  Non-Permanent Courses 

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