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Agendas and Minutes 1993-1994


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05-18-94 Minutes

President reported that the Campus Climate Response Report has been put together and will be made available to everyone next week. Motion that the Senate commends Acting President Blanche Brink for her excellent service to the college passed by acclamation. Committee Reports: Administrative Committee (election of Senate Officers; Senate Advisory Committee on HIV/AIDS approved, Appendix II); UCSC (course equivalencies for P&D Requirement at previous colleges carried); Departmental Governance Committee (approve revised bylaws of the Library). Resolution to allow the Administrative Committee to call a special session of the Hunter College Senate to respond to any contingencies regarding the appointment of the next president was approved as amended.

05-11-94 Minutes

President reported that a $1M gift was given to the college and will be used to convert the firehouse to a state of the art language lab and let the Senate know about some of the commencement highlights. Committee Reports: UCSC (additional courses that satisfy the P&D Requirement approved). The meeting adjourned due to the loss of quorum.



President reported that the college has been asked to respond to Central Administration on what steps are being done in regards to strategic planning and told the Senate that the Roosevelt House is being renovated and the college will benefit from it. Committee Reports: UCSC (resolution to waive the P&D Requirement for transfer students entering Fall 1993 with 45 or more credits was approved).


President provided an update on the presidential search and then gave her opinion on the censure or no confidence vote of the Chancellor and the implications it could have for the college since the budget is currently up for approval in Albany and Hunter College has three special items in it. Committee Reports: Administrative Committee (Consideration of the application of Senate approved Criteria for voting no confidence in Chancellor was tabled after reconvening from a Committee of the Whole).


President reported on the budget, Faculty Lounge, North Building Elevators, and Security Initiative. Committee Reports: Administrative Committee (change of Evening Bell Schedule approved); GCSC (approved revised regulations concerning admissions of undergraduate students to graduate courses).

Minutes President Blank reported on academic, fundraising, and legal matters. Committee Reports: Select Committee on the Chancellor (continuation of the discussion to accept the Reported dated 27 October 1993).


Professor Sherrill read a letter from President LeClerc in which he conveyed his deep respect for and admiration of the Hunter College Senate. He extended thanks all members of the Senate for having helped make his years at Hunter rewarding and enjoyable. Acting President Blanche Blank reported budgetary matters and her goal to try and do as little harm as possible until the next President is appointed. Committee Reports: Nominating Committee (filled committee vacancies); Select Committee re: Chancellor (presented report to Ascertain Grounds for Declaration of No Confidence).

Minutes Informal meeting held. No minutes to report.
10-27-93 Minutes President reported that he accepted the Commission on Campus Climate's final report and copies will be made available soon. He reported on budget and fundraising matters, and concluded with an update on the search for the next President of Hunter College. Committee Reports: Administrative Committee (Prof. Sherrill informed the senate that Chancellor Reynolds will be attending the 11-10 meeting and will answer questions. He provided an update on the Presidential Search Committee); Nominating Committee (filled committee vacancies).

Committee Reports: Administrative Committee (Mr. Wayne Wilson, Vice Chair informed the Senate that the adjunct pay resolution was sent to CUNY Central Administration, Board of Trustees, and the PSC/CUNY); Nominating Committee (filled committee vacancies). New Business: Mr. Wilson presented a memo from Assistant Vice President Stanley Sokol requesting that the implementation of the Plus/Minus Grading System be delayed until Fall 1995 and a resolution was approved.


Committee Reports: Administrative Committee (elected Chairs of the Nominating, Master Plan, and Budget Committees; resolution passed to communicate to the Board of Trustees and Chancellors that the Acting President be chosen form within the Hunter community); Departmental Governance Committee (approved revised bylaws of German Department). New Business: a discussion of adjusted pay took place and a resolution was presented. After discussion it was moved that the Administrative Committee be empowered to flesh out the resolution taking into account the proposed amendments.


President LeClerc welcomed everyone back to another academic year and thanked everyone who had reach out to him since the New York Times broke the story that he will be leaving Hunter College to be the President of the New York Public Library. He provided updates on enrollment and academic planning. Committee Reports: Administrative Committee (First item of business was the election of Senate Officers; Prof. Sherrill provided an update of summer activities including the resolution passed by the CUNY Board of Trustees on academic planning and a resolution was passed to instruct the Administrative Committee to empanel a select committee to explore what would be legitimate grounds for declaring no confidence in a Chancellor of a university).

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