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Agendas and Minutes 2008-2009

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President reported on commencement and provided an update on the construction of the School of Social Work. Ombudsman provided annual report and the expansion of the office into many other organizations. Committee Reports; Administrative Committee (elected Senate Officers); Calendar Committee (approved revised bell schedule, Appendix IV); Library Committee (approved resolution calling on President to follow recommendations of the committee); Computing and Technology Committee (presented progress report, Appendix V). New Business: resolution moved to change credit limit from 3 credits to 4 credits for winter session approved.

No agenda This meeting was cancelled.


President reported on the Middle States visit and the approval of all fourteen standards, Appendix II. Committee Reports: UCSC (approved Catalog Changes for Major/Minor, Appendix III); Teacher Evaluation Committee (approved resolution to have evaluation summaries of each class made available by ICIT online). New Business: resolution approved opposing term limits for Department Chairs by any agencies outside of the department itself.


President reported on the upcoming Middle States visit. Committee Reports: Administrative Committee (created the Select Committee on Strategic Planning as subcommittee of the Master Plan Committee and approved revisions to Procedures for Seating Alternate Senators); UCSC (approved clarification of the Foreign Language Requirement).


President reported on the state budget which includes 15% increase in tuition for undergraduate students and 15-20% increase for graduate students and informed the senate on the new parental leave policy, Appendix II. Committee Reports: UCSC (approved new Minor Policy).

No agenda
This meeting was cancelled.


This was the 500th Meeting of the Hunter College Senate. Committee Reports: Mellon Project Special Committee to Review the GER (report on the White Paper on the Minor Requirement and approved resolution regarding minor requirement at Hunter College).


President reported on State and Capital Budgets and her work with the CUNY Administration to track funds from, the stimulus package to Hunter. Committee Reports: Administrative Committee (update the Senate on letter sent to CUNY Vice Chancellor for Legal Affairs, Frederick P. Schaffer, on the voting crisis); Middle States Steering Committee (update and discussion on first half of the released report).

No agenda
This meeting was cancelled.


Committee Reports: Administrative Committee (approved White Paper: The Hunter College Senate and the Definition of Voting Majority); UCSC (approved resolution requiring statement of learning outcomes be included in all syllabi).


President reported on the decision of the State Legislature to raise tuition and the proposal to allow a new high school to be built on the Brookdale Campus. Committee Reports: Middle States Steering Committee (informed the Senate that the President of the Evaluation Team will be coming at the end of April).


President reported on the challenging times due to the 3M budget cut CUNY just received and the proposed reduction in the upcoming budget. Senate moved into a Committee of the Whole to have an Open Forum and Discussion of the Middle States Self-Study Report.

No agenda
This meeting was cancelled.


President reported that Len Zinnanti will be coming back as Acting Chief Operating Officer and reported on Inaugural Hunter College Fundraising Gala. Committee Reports: Administrative Committee (one-time special search waiver request from President Raab failed); Middle States Steering Committee (announced dates of open forums to discuss finding and procedures of college’s self-study).


President introduced new administrative staff members and reported on the Social Work/Public Health projects. Committee Reports: Nominating Committee (filled committee vacancies); UCSC (approved “Course Information Guide for the On-line Schedule of Classes”); Mellon Project Special Committee to Review the GER (presented interim Activities Report).


President provided update on the new building in East Harlem for the School of Social Work and the great progress toward creating the School of Public Health. Committee Reports: Select Committee on Performance Measures & Outcomes Assessment (presented the 2007-2008 Assessment Report); Middle States Steering Committee (presented the timetable for Re-accreditation Initiative Oct 08-Apr 09).

09-10-08 Minutes

Committee Reports: Administrative Committee (approved amended resolution on Experimental Courses); Middle States Steering Committee (provided update and current findings).

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