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Agendas and Minutes 1995-1996

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05-15-96 Minutes

President provided updates on the budget, retrenchment, and reinvestment and reorganization proposal. Committee Reports: Administrative Committee (election of Senate Officers). New Business: resolution instructing the Administrative Committee to respond to the draft report on of the Working Group on Cross-Registration and Coordinating Scheduling was approved.


President provided an update on budget and retrenchment matters. Committee Reports: Administrative Committee (Senate approved of the concept of planning a Fall weekend at Hunter College and presidential installation; revised Calendar for Spring 1997 approved, Appendix II).


President reported that the Retrenchment Committee has been formed and provided updates on current searches and budget matters. Committee Reports: Committee on Computing & Technology (provided draft report “Can Hunter’s Information Technology Needs be Better Met by a Aingle Office of Information Technology?”); Student Standing Committee (presented report on student retention).


President provided an update on the current budget negotiations. Committee Reports: Administrative Committee (resolution making Computing and Technology Advisory Committee a standing committee approved; floor was open for nominations for membership on the Retrenchment Committee).


President reported on the upcoming Middle States Evaluation, budget and personnel matters. Committee Reports: GARC (approved plus/minus letter grades for graduate courses); UARC (approved maximum credits that can be earned by outside examination from 24 to 30). New Business: Condemnation of the Declaration of Financial Exigency passed by the CUNY University Faculty Senate was presented.


President gave a presentation on plans for the college as the new millennium approaches. Committee Reports: UARC (Part 3 on Reduction of Credits for Graduation approved); Computing and Technology Advisory Committee (provided progress report). Vice President Fisherman informed the Senate that the grading system for Spring 1996 would include plus/minus grades.

12-13-95 Minutes

President provided an update about SEEK and discussed remediation and the two resolutions passed by the Board of Trustees. Committee Reports: UARC (approved report on remediation plans, Appendix II); UCSC (Parts 1 and 2 on Reduction of Credits for Graduation approved).

12-06-95 Minutes

President reported on nine different items. Committee Reports: Administrative Committee (passed Department Chair and 1995 Hunter College Affirmative Action on Retrenchment Actions resolutions); UCSC (provided progress report on CUNY Policy to Reduce Graduation Credit to 120).

10-25-95 Minutes

President provided an update on the budget and clarified the rumors surrounding proposal for the SEEK Department to be abolished. Committee Reports: Administrative Committee (revised the charge of the Computing and Technology Advisory Committee). Revised “Charter of the University Faculty Senate of the City University of New York” was ratified as presented.

10-11-95 Minutes

President reported on four new committees: Strategic Plan, Campus Aesthetics, Campus Communications, and Fall Presidential Convocation and Celebration, with the first three reporting back by the end of the semester. Committee Reports: Administrative Committee (established advisory committee on Computing & Technology); Nominating Committee (filled committee vacancies).


President Caputo reported on the uncertain budgetary year where additional reductions may be needed and his desire to change the presidential inauguration and have it done as a part of convocation next fall. Committee Reports: Administration Committee (elected committee chairs); Nominating Committee (filled committee vacancies).

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