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Agendas and Minutes 1990-1991

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Minutes Committee Reports: Administrative Committee (election of Senate Officers); Prof. Robert Carter raised concerns with the way that elections were conducted and, after consultation with the Parliamentarian and approval of the body, the elections of Chair and Vice Chair were redone with the same two candidates being elected.
Minutes President reported on the need of the college community to come together and work together to address and define the shared values as a collegiate community. He announced the appointment of a special Presidential Commission on Campus Climate that will look into and develop recommendations on the alienation and polarization that have divided the campus community. Committee Reports:Administrative Committee (open hearings would not happen because of the current student strike and will be reschedule for the fall); Nominating Committee (filled committee vacancies); UARC (joint resolution passed by UCSC and UARC on double majors not needing to complete a minor carried).

Minutes President reported about the first round of grants being given out of the Pluralism and Diversity Fund and the letter writing campaign to the New York State Legislature. Committee Reports: Budget Committee (continuation of the discussion of recommendations made to President LeClerc concluded with a resolution that they do not reflect the will of the Senate); Dr. Robert Carter presented the draft “procedures for the Establishment of the Hunter College Ad-hoc Advisory Committee for the Investigation and Disposition of Charges of Bias," Appendix V.


Minutes President reported on enrollment, fundraising, and budget matters, Appendix II. Committee Reports: Calendar Committee (final 1991-1992 College Calendar approved, Appendix III).
Minutes President reported on development and budget matters. Committee Reports: Administrative Committee (discussion of an amendment to the statement passed from last meeting carried); Calendar Committee (presented Proposals A & B for the 1991-1992 College Calendar; Proposal A was endorsed in principal).
11-28-90 Minutes The meeting began with the continuation of discussion on Dr. Carter's report presented last month. Committee Reports: Administrative Committee (statement condemning the recent acts of vandalism and threats in and outside of the History Department passed); UARC (amended guidelines regarding Computing of Grade of “F” in the GPA approved, Appendix II).
Minutes President reported on personnel, fundraising, and budget matters, Appendix II. Provost reported on the formation of three taskforces to review: Remedial and Developmental Programs, Foreign Language Issues, and Retention Issues, Appendix III. Dr. Robert Carter, Affirmative Action Officer and Special Assistant to the President, reported on what his duties will be with the charge that was given to him by President LeClerc, Appendix VI. Committee Reports: Nominating Committee (filled committee vacancies); Budget Committee (provided committee activity update).
10-10-90 Minutes

Committee Reports: Nominating Committee (filled committee vacancies); Committee to Review Proficiency Testing and Remediation Placement Needs (resolution for committee to ensure remediation courses serve students carried, Appendix II).

Minutes President LeClerc welcomed everyone to the new academic year. He reported on enrollment, budget, and fundraising matters. Committee Reports: Administrative Committee (held elections for Chairs of the Budget, Master Plan, Nominating and Charter Review Committees); Committee to Review Proficiency Testing and Remediation Placement Needs (continuation of discussion on final report).

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