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Agendas and Minutes 1970-1971

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Minutes Meeting at the School of Social Work. Committee reports: Student Standing, Budget, Master Plan (including definition of activities and creation of subcommittees), Departmental Governance (including guidelines for drafting departmental bylaws), Graduate Course of Study, Undergraduate Course of Study (including presentation of committee resolution on earning credit for participation in governance [motion carried to put the matter in the form of a course]; clarification of the authority of the committee with respect to approval of courses, including experimental courses; motion carried to limit experimental courses to 15 for the coming academic year; discussion of Independent Study with policies and procedures [actions postponed]), Undergraduate Academic Requirements (motions carried to adopt recommendations on admissions for students in Training the Teachers of Teachers program and cross-sessional registrations), Teacher Evaluation (motion carried to devise a core set of standard questions to supplement departmental evaluations; recommendation to publish results and make available in the library did not pass). Appendix I: By-laws of the Board of Higher Education as applied to Hunter College and as impacting Hunter High School and Hunter Elementary School faculty.
5-17-71 Minutes Meeting at Hunter College High School. Meeting schedule discussed. Motion to recommend the salary of Ombudsman (carried); report by Nominating Committee concerning Ombudsman, elections proceeded until quorum was lost. Announcement of special meeting for May 27, 1971.
Minutes Meeting in the Hunter College Assembly Hall. Resolution on the New York State budget (passed). Committee reports: Nominating, including Ombudsman nominations; Teacher Evaluation, including guidelines for conducting teaching evaluations (adopted); Graduate Course of Study; representation of Evening Council representatives on committees discussed, motions postponed due to lack of quorum.
Minutes Meeting at the School of Social Work. Discussion of elections. Report by the Nominating Committee, including motions: committee attendance (postponed), scheduling committee reports (carried); nominations for: Student Standing, Undergraduate Course of Study, Graduate Course of Study, Undergraduate Academic Requirements, Teacher Evaluation, Master Plan, Budget; opening of elections for Ombudsman; report by Undergraduate Course of Study; motion to suspend non-reappointments of faculty in departments in which no student input into teaching was collected and in which students expression opposition to the non-reappointment (carried), creation of the Departmental Governance Committee.
Minutes Meeting at the Kaye Playhouse. Presentation of the Evening Session Council Bylaws (adopted with modifications), representatives elected by the Evening Session Council seated; report by Nominating Committee, including adoption of Faculty Council committees as ad hoc until Senate establishes its own; resolution opposing the state budget passed.
Minutes First and second meetings of the new Hunter College Senate at the Bellevue School of Nursing. President Wexler presided over the first meeting to constitute the body and facilitate the first election of officers: Chair, Vice Chair, and Secretary. The meeting was observed by the Chairman of the Board of Higher Education. The election was facilitated by a representative of the American Arbitration Association. The second meeting immediately followed. Includes nominations and voting procedures for the Nominating Committee, presentation of the Evening Session Council Bylaws (postponed).
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