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Agendas and Minutes 2011-2012

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Meeting Agendas


Topics and Actions


President reported on the fundraising effort for the library and current search committees. Mr. Zinnanti reported on the new CUNY Hunter College Revised Tobacco Policy. Director of Assessment Mosen Auryan reported on wide range of activities that he was engaged with for the 2011-2012 year. Committee Reports: Administrative Committee (elected Senate Officers); Teacher Evaluation and Committee on Computing & Technology joint report (approved resolution to transition to Online Student Evaluations).



Ombudsman presented his annual report. Committee Reports: Departmental Governance Committee (approved “Guidelines for Establishing and Revising Departmental By-Laws”, Appendix II); UARC (approved resolutions on Study Abroad Grading and Course Repeat Rule).



Committee Reports: UCSC (reported on guidelines for Course Proposals by Units without Major, Minor, or Certificate Programs).



Committee Reports: Administrative Committee (elected Chair and Member Panels for the Search Committee for Vice President for Development); UCSC (reported on the new guideline for submitting proposal for review for the new common core).


Committee Reports: Nominating Committee (filled committee vacancies).

No agenda
This meeting was cancelled.


President reported on program rankings in the US News and World Reports. Committee Reports: GER Committee (approved Framework for Hunter College Common Core); UARC (presented the Revised Academic Integrity Policy, 248 which are based on the CUNY Revised Academic Integrity Policy); Nominating Committee (filled committee vacancies).


President reported that a lease had been signed to move Studio Art and one of the galleries to Tribeca. Committee Reports: GER Committee (presented “A Draft Framework for Hunter College Common Core”, Appendix II).

No agenda
This meeting was cancelled.


Provost reported on SEEK and presented resolution the Department of SEEK be abolished and the Percy Ellis Sutton Program of SEEK be established at Hunter College effective February 1, 2012 for approval.Committee Reports: Nominating Committee (filled committee vacancies).

No agenda
This meeting was cancelled.
11-16-11 Minutes

Committee Reports: General Education Committee (approved resolution rejecting Pathways on pedagogical, intellectual, and legal grounds). New Business: approved resolution opposing surveillance activities by the NYPD.

10-26-11 Minutes

President reported on Pathways and its impact on Hunter, the CUNY Committees on Majors, and the Presidential Task Force led by Dean Koch. Prof. Elizabeth Nunez, member of the CUNY 60 Pathways: Steering Committee, who presented an updated report on the CUNY Pathways.

10-12-11 No agenda
This meeting was cancelled.
09-21-11 Minutes

President reported on the staff response to the hurricane at the start of the semester and the official opening of the new complex in East Harlem. Committee Reports: Administrative Committee (approved resolution to Establish the CUNY Institute for Education Policy at Roosevelt House); Departmental Governance Committee (progress report on reviewing “Model Departmental Bylaws”); General Education Committee (presented PowerPoint presentation on CUNY Pathways-General Education at CUNY, Appendix II).

09-07-11 No agenda This meeting was cancelled.


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