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Agendas and Minutes 2005-2006

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President reported on 1M gift from the Petrie Foundation that will be earmarked for student emergencies and is broadly defined and updated everyone of the search process for two deans. Committee Reports: Administrative Committee (elected Senate Officers); Charter Review Committee (presented Third Reading and adoption of the Proposed Amendments).



President reported on important campus wide events and the administrations work in responding to the report by the Select Committee on Academic Freedom. Committee Reports: Administrative Committee (procedures for seating senate alternates approved).


President reported on the budget passed that has significant new operating money for the CUNY System. Committee Reports: Charter Review Committee (presented the Second Reading of the Proposed Amendments, Appendix II); Enacting Legislation for 2006-07 Senate Elections and Seating of Alternates approved as amended.


The Senate dissolved itself into a Committee of the Whole for informal discussion of the Amendments to the Hunter College Charter that will be presented for the Second Reading at the April 5th meeting.


Committee Reports: Nominating Committee (filled committee vacancies). Items from Last Meeting: Vice President Zinnanti gave presentation on the installation of turnstiles and Security, Appendix II.


University Dean for the Executive Office Robert A. Ptachik presented the summary process for the evaluation of President Raab and answered questions from Senate members. Committee Reports: Charter Review Committee (present First Reading of the Proposed Amendments, Appendix II).


Committee Reports: Select Committee on Academic Freedom (Continued discussion on the recommendations in final report).

02-01-06 Minutes

President reported on budget matters and current fundraising efforts. Committee Reports: Administrative Committee (Professor Tronto said a few word on Perez v. CUNY and its implication on the function of the senate, Dean Chinn statement, Appendix III); Nominating Committee (filled committee vacancies); Select Committee on Academic Freedom (discussion of proposed recommendations).


President reported on a half a million dollar gift from the Mellon Foundation to work together as a community to look at the General Education Requirements. Committee Reports: Calendar Committee (approved Bell Schedule I & II, Appendix II and winter session course offerings); Select Committee on Academic Freedom (presented the final report, Appendix III and Provost’s statement and response to report, Appendix IV).


President reported on the approval of the CUNY Campus Compact, Appendix II by the Board of Trustees to get more funding into the CUNY System which comes with a tuition increase for students. Professor Tronto reported on recent court ruling that will have an effect on the way the senate operates and went over how to use clickers for voting.

No agenda
This meeting was cancelled.


President Rabb and staff gave a PowerPoint presentation on Hunter College Performance Goals 2004-2005, Appendix II. Committee Reports: Calendar Committee (approved the pilot project Bell Schedule for Spring 2006).



Dean Escott reported on Academic Integrity and the way cases are handled. Vice President Zinnanti reported on the new ID card system. Committee Reports: Administrative Committee (approved resolution requesting input to the Budget Master Plan Request Committee be made public); Nominating Committee (filled committee vacancies).


President reported on funds still being available for graduate students and that the Chancellor is going to ask that more money be invested in graduate programs. Registrar gave a PowerPoint presentation on a pilot bell schedule. Committee Reports: Administrative Committee (elected Chair and Member Panels for the Search Committee for the Dean of the School of Social Work).



President introduced new members of the administration and reported on the STARS scholarship system. Ombudsman reported on the different types of cases she encountered during her second year in the role. Committee Reports: Administrative Committee (elected standing committee chairs). New Business: resolution expressing the Senate’s appreciation to Provost Pizer for his service approved with acclamation.

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